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Tuscumbia, Alabama Portable Toilets
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Portable Toilets Information

 From the standard and clean bathrooms, with multiple stalls and fresh facilities, to the more elaborate and decorated ones, with wooden floors and dimmed lighting, you can find the best fit for your needs. Have any questions? Check out the rental companies in your area and see their different options—if you have any questions just give them a call. With so many respected and satisfied customers give them a call and you can be their next.

When you are renting portable toilets there are certain provisions that both you and your rental company are going to have to follow. As these provisions vary from state to state, and even from country to county, here is an example of a set of provisions set in place for a specific city in California.

Example Set of Provisions (check with your city for yours)

General Provisions

* It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to clean, install, or replace a portable toilet or dispose of the cleanings thereof without first obtaining a registration.
* Portable toilets shall only serve limited use applications such as special events, primitive type picnic grounds, campsites, recreational facilities, agricultural labor use, and construction sites where a connection to public sewer or the installation of an on-site wastewater treatment system is not practical as determined by the Department.
* Unless the Department provides an exemption, the use of portable toilets for greater than ninety-six hours in a ninety day period on any given parcel, whether for private or public use, is prohibited. The placement and use of portable toilets by State, County, and City agencies are exempt from this provision provided they are in compliance with subsection D. The Department may exempt other limited use applications on a case-by-case basis.
* Portable toilets shall be operated and maintained in a safe and sanitary manner that is at all times compliant with this chapter and policies established by the Department.
* The Department may deny a request for an exemption from the requirements of subsection C upon determination that the placement of such toilet could potentially result in contamination, pollution or a nuisance.
* Any exemption issued by the Department pursuant to this section shall be subject to suspension or revocation by the Department; in which case, the portable toilet shall be removed from the premises.
* Every person, firm or corporation engaged in construction or remodeling activities which employs individuals shall provide a temporary portable toilet for each twenty (20) individuals or fractional part thereof working at each job site if a public sewer connected system is not available.
* Portable toilets should be constructed in a manner consistent with the ______ County On-Site Wastewater Management Guidance Manual.
*  Special events shall be supplied with an adequate number of portable toilets and hand washing lavatories to accommodate the number of individuals attending such event.

Maintenance of Portable Toilets

* Portable toilets must be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner to prevent the spread of disease, the breeding of disease carrying vectors, and the production of noxious or offensive odors.
* Water-carried sewage shall not be placed in portable toilets.
* Contents of portable toilets shall not be discharged into storm sewers, placed, spilt, or deposited onto the surface of the ground, or allowed to flow, seep, or drain into any waters of the State.
* Portable toilets must be pumped weekly or more often if necessary.
* Portable toilets must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, including the inner walls, receptacle, seats, and lids with every pumping.
* Chemical additives used in portable toilets must be chosen from the list of acceptable additives provided by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. 


If you are in need of toilet rentals, restroom rentals, or even shower rentals, here at Dumpsters.net we can help you find the most affordable and most reliable company nearest to you. If you have any questions as to what you may need, give your chosen rental company a call and they can help you find the portable toilet rental that best fits all of your needs.

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