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Portable Toilets Information

What are Some Positive Aspects of the Portable Toilet?

You may wonder what is so handy about portable toilet. Well, there are a few reasons why they are a more convenient and overall easier option for you.

The first reason that they are better than permanent toilets is because they are overall cleaner. Rentable portable toilets are guaranteed to be cleanly. While that may sound unconvincing, they by rule are emptied, cleaned, disinfected and deodorized weekly by the rental company. This will save money or time compared to cleaning your own outdoor bathroom or hiring a cleaning service.

Another plus about rentable toilets is that since they are movable, they can be placed anywhere, and can be relocated if necessary—as this is clearly impossible with permanent installed outdoor restrooms.

Next, portable toilets do not clog since they do not have a plumbing system. This will prevent you from having to try to clean and unclog dirty outdoor toilets. And while you may doubt that they are able to hold a significant amount of waste, they can actually hold enough sewage for up to ten people for an entire work week before having to be emptied.

Sizes and Measurements of Portable Toilet Rentals

A single stall rental will hold one person. It is a freestanding structure that often is made of plastic. The dimension of the average portable toilet is 7 feet tall by 3 feet. Even the most basic models will contain the necessities such as toilet paper, and sometimes hand sanitizer. You can however request a nicer portable toilet with a sink.

A trailer restroom is very different from the single stall rentable toilet. They are about the size of 6-7 individual stalls in capacity. There are multiple stalls within the trailer, and they are much nicer than the individual portable toilet rentals. Depending on which kind you decide to rent (there are a few different options depending on what you need it for) you can have running water, electricity, and flushing toilets. On average, these are much nicer, as some of them have wooden floors and cabinets and stainless steel sinks and knobs.

Some Different Types of Portable Toilets

The most commonly seen and recognized portable toilet is the standard restroom rental. Most commonly seen at your neighbor’s construction site, or even a larger more intensive site, these are the standard rentals for industrial use. The next step above this option is the deluxe restroom. This is most commonly rented for special occasions such as fairs, parties, and gatherings. This is the typical restroom rental for special events. The next step up is the flushing toilet rental. As expected from the name, the flushing toilet has a holding tank for sewage with a hands-free flushing mechanism. This is usually rented for more ritzy events, such as weddings or corporate events. Another rental choice has two different options that would fall under the same category, and used at family events as they are easily accessible for the handicapped and the elderly. The first option is the wheelchair accessible toilet rental. With an extra roomy interior, this rental is great for family events as wheelchairs and walkers can easily turn and maneuver within it. There is also a toilet rental that is approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This option is both wheelchair accommodating as well as approved by the regulations of the ADA. This also has a roomy interior and is great for also parents that may want to assist their children into the restroom. Overall, with either of these options, you can’t go wrong.


There are so many different types of portable toilets that it might seem hard to even fathom all of the different kinds. All different rental companies will have their own recommendations and specials, but they all have the same kinds for the most part. Some are the typical rentals that you would imagine to be at a construction site, while others have sinks and hand sanitizer. While these sinks might not impress you, there is more. Some are handicap accessible and others are recommended by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Still, some have wood floors, porcelain toilets and urinals and even extravagant chandelier like fixtures. No matter what your needs are, here at, we can assure you that we can help you find the best rental company nearest to you.

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