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Portable Toilets and the Military

Portable toilets have many associations that are tied along with them, but sometimes, they can be used in environments or scenarios that are extremely unexpected. Besides being unexpected, they also can be used in extremely valued environments. While you might not be sure where this is heading, you might be shocked when you realize some of the different places they can be used, one of the most important being the military.

This idea often goes overlooked, as the military is frequently thought of in only certain ways. The men and women that serve our country, those who put their lives in danger to protect ours, and other ideas such as these. But think about the logistics, these men and women still deserve and need quality restrooms while they are embarked on the most dangerous and brave journey of their lives. These restrooms have to be extremely portable, easy to carry and easy to set up.

There are a few different problems that are frequently encountered by men and women in the military. The first problem is that they have to use the restroom but there are no portable toilets or porta-potties in the field for them to use. This is a problem for obvious reasons, as everyone should have access to a bathroom when they need it. This factor should not be disregarded, especially as these men and women are putting their own lives at stake for the sake of our country. Portable toilets and retable porta-potties, while seemingly silly or underrated, are actually one of the most basic and important needs of the military personnel. The second most problematic situation regarding restrooms in the field is when there are no clean, empty, or sanitary porta-potties available.

Both of these scenarios are commonly known and complained about within the military.  Fortunately, there are systems and portable lavatories available for these men and women. These rentals are made as private and sanitary portable restrooms for both sexes. These private and clean toilet rentals are the best options for the field and there is a great push to have more of them available.

These military style lavatories are good for a number of scenarios such as:

* Training drills for soldiers
* Long waits at observation posts
* Special operations units
* Vehicular use
* Aviators and Aircrafts
* Tanks
* Etc.

You may wonder how a portable restroom is used in some of these cases, as aircraft or vehicular use would require a very small unit. The answer is that the portable restrooms created and designed for military use are much smaller than the standard, construction site style toilet rental. Extremely lightweight and small, they can be carried into the field and set up within minutes, even by someone who has never used one before. Besides the fact that they are small and easy to set up, these portable restroom units are also great because of their long shelf-life. The waste is simply filled into a bag (that is designed and comes with the unit) and then it can be disposed of in the normal trash disposal system.

Different Kits and Portable Toilets Used in the Military

While people don’t often first think of waste management first, it takes important precedence once someone realizes they need a restroom. One of the reasons that portable toilets are mandatory in these circumstances is that the risk of spreading disease rises at an incredibly fast rate if precautions are not used. Because of this, there are a few different types of waste removal kits.

* One type of a waste removal kit is a bag that is filled with a superabsorbent power that stops decay and odor, making the waste (after it’s entered the bag) not harmful or dangerous. This NASA invented powder has been the key in these types of waste removal products. 
* There is also a bag used for liquid waste, with the same NASA developed powder inside of it. This makes it possible for the man or woman to safely store their bag until they can find a trash can to dispose of it in.
* There are also small portable toilets which are perfect for military use. The size of a briefcase and only around 6 pounds, this is an ideal option because of it adaptability to any environment.

These are only a few examples of the restroom options in use today. Overall there are many different types of waste removal and portable toilet options available for military use in both the field and in camp. So next time you have to use a porta-potty or any rentable toilet and are tempted to complain about it, think about the men and women that serve our country—take a second and think before you complain.

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