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Laceys Spring, Alabama Portable Toilets
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Portable Toilets Information

Portable toilets are a necessity in today’s modern world. While they used to be associated with filth, grime, and foul odors, today they are on the verge of cutting edge. The world of portable toilets is a fascinating one. With more privacy than ever, solar powered fans, lights and even flushing, these portable toilets will continue to modernize.

While you may not think there are that many circumstances in which porta-potty rentals could be needed, think again. The first way they are needed is construction sites. You may not realize how many construction sites are popping up all over the country. From residential construction to commercial and industrial sites, these workers need to use the restroom—the need? Portable toilets. As our economy continues to rise, so does the demand for these restrooms. For every kitchen renovation you or your friends want, to the new mall that is being built down the road from you, there is a constant need, as the workers who are performing these tasks need access to clean and portable toilets. Think of it this way—wherever there is new construction there needs to be access to these porta-potties. It is mandatory that workers have access to necessary amenities such as a bathroom, so construction is a major source for portable toilet rentals.

Another place they are needed is at public venues. Imagine going to your favorite singer’s concert and not having a bathroom for a few hours. This is even worse when you think about the conditions you are in. If it is hot you are going to be drinking more water, or if you are drinking alcohol, then the rate at which you will need a bathroom with raise dramatically. Public restrooms and portable toilets are an absolute must at events such as this. Concerts, fairs, carnivals, festivals and even block parties all require portable restrooms.

You will also need to think about renting portable restrooms if you are hosting an event. From a wedding to a benefit for your company, they are the most efficient way to get bathrooms for your guests. If you are hosting an event in your home or your yard, the last thing you want or need is guests tracking throughout your home in search of a bathroom. Luckily for you, there are portable toilets for every type of event. While you might have an image of a bright blue plastic construction style porta-potty in your mind, don’t worry, not all look like that. There are single stall rentable toilets that have air fresheners, indoor lights and flushing mechanisms as well as trailer restrooms which can be the nicest and most aesthetically pleasing by far.

The Silver Restroom Trailer

The Silver Restroom Trailer is much more intimate and decorated than the Standard. Within this unit there are a few private restrooms. With classic features, wood floors, and updated features, this option is great for a smaller event in need of a more aesthetically pleasing interior design.

This unit is divided into a men’s and women’s side, each with a private restroom, a lovely counter, a stainless steel sink, paper towel and soap dispersers, and a porcelain toilet. The only difference between the two sides is the fact that the men’s side has a urinal.

This is a clean, modern, and classic looking bathroom. However, there are requirements for the location and where it can be placed. You are going to need at least a 70 gallon fresh water tank, a 200 gallon waste tank, and electrical connections. To find out the exact requirements, call your rental company and they can tell you their specific requirements.

The Platinum Restroom Trailer

The Platinum Restroom Trailer is a step above the Silver Restroom. With more extravagant and detailed designs, this restroom rental will be sure to wow your guests. With a large interior, it can hold a good amount of people and has some more special features.

The women’s side of this rental will have about three bathrooms, a big vanity with large sinks and oak wood. The men’s half only has one restroom but three urinals with screens for privacy. Again, there is a large vanity with two sinks and oak cabinets.

Overall, this is an exquisite restroom rental, as it has air-conditioning or heat, fans, running water, handrails, skylights, and even a stereo system.

Like the Silver Restroom rental, there are again requirements for placement. You are going to need strong electrical connections (again, ask your rental company for exactly how much they require), and a garden hose to supply fresh water.

The Gold Restroom Trailer

This restroom option is contemporary and sleek, perfect for any special event. With blue, white, and stainless steel décor, there is a calm yet clean and crisp element that will pleasantly please your guests. When you rent this restroom trailer, it will come fully stocked with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.

This is a great rental for a large party, with a clean and stocked inside. As with the other rentals, there are requirements for placement again, requiring a certain amount of voltage (ask your specific rental company for this), and running water by a garden hose.

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