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Lynn, Alabama Portable Toilets
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Portable Toilets Information

Ordering Portable Toilets for an Event

Portable toilets and rentable toilets are becoming increasingly common at public events, no matter how formal the event is. This is because these restrooms are now being created with such intricate details and designs that they are appropriate for even the most ceremonial event.

When you are determining how many portable toilets for restroom trailers to rent, you should keep in mind a few factors. First of all, you are going to need to know how many guests you will have attending. Your rental service will be able to help you start off the process once they have a baseline of how many guests will be attending your party or event. They are also going to need to know a few additional things that will factor into the outcome.

* What type of event is it?
* How many women vs. men?
* How long will the event be?
* What type of tenting or covering will it be under?
* The length of the event
* Easy access to water?
* Alcohol served?
* Will there be food served? If so this will make the guests drink more.
* Lastly, the location.

All of these factors will help your rental company determine how many portable toilets you should rent and how often they should be serviced. They can also help you pick out the most elegant restrooms that you could desire for your particular needs.

Interesting Facts about Rentable Toilets

* Servicing, cleaning, and sanitizing rentable toilets or Porta-Potties sounds like one of the most unappealing jobs, correct? Using a tank and water vacuum, they take the time to first suck all of the waste out of the toilets. Then they have to pick up any leftover toilet paper or waste remnants. After this, the cleaners will power wash the walls and all of the surfaces. On an average day, these workers will wash up to 70 or 80 portable toilets. On the other hand, these workers earn at least $50,000 dollars a year!

* The first portable toilet was a wooden shelter with a small tank inside. This idea seemed ingenious and soon spread to other industries and workers. Because these first portable restrooms were made of wood, they held in odors and were not sanitary. This changed decades later when polyurethane toilets were invented and introduced to the world. Because of the material, it did not hold odors and it was easy to clean.

* If you are in need of something more industrial, or for a greater number of people, there are trailer restrooms that are even larger and can hold a greater number of people. Rather than just having one or two stalls per side, some trailers will have up to 5 or more stalls. This is a great option for a larger event. With porcelain toilets and air conditioning, your guests will be pleasantly shocked with your restroom choice.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are there handicap accessible restrooms?

* Yes there are restrooms that are handicap accessible and many companies can provide these for you. They will come with a ramp to access the inside, a larger interior and can come equipped with any other specifications that you may require or ask for.

Are there air-conditioned rentable portable toilets?

* Yes, with different quality toilets available, there are indeed air-conditioned portable restrooms that you can rent. For special events that you may hold, we can get you in touch with rental companies that will provide you with air-conditioning and heat solely for the comfort of your guests.

Why Should I Choose a Restroom Trailer?

* Whereas the portable toilet or porta-potty is convenient for quick and efficient use, it is not always the most welcoming environment. On the other hand, a restroom trailer will provide a more relaxing and home-like atmosphere for your guests. With running water, air-conditioning and heat, porcelain seats, and interior lights, your guests will be much happier with this option. If you are planning a special event or even a wedding, restroom trailers are great because they can fit long gowns comfortably, and guests can wash their hands and tidy up afterwards. On another note, restroom trailers also provide an important role in natural disasters and relief programs. They are great for multiple person use and are used in great quantities for these types of events.

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