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Hope, Arkansas Portable Toilets
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Portable Toilets Information

The History of Portable Toilets

In the early 1940’s, an old-fashioned version of the portable toilet was invented in peculiar circumstances. In Long Beach, California, the ship captains got tired of having to wait for their men to get off the boat to use the restroom and get back on. In response to this problem, the ship builders realized that if they could find a way to use a restroom on the boat, it would save them both time and money that was going to waste.

The first portable toilet was a wooden shelter with a small tank inside. This idea seemed ingenious and soon spread to other industries and workers. Because these first portable restrooms were made of wood, they held in odors and were not sanitary. This changed decades later when polyurethane toilets were invented and introduced to the world. Because of the material, it did not hold odors and it was easy to clean.

With the idea of portable toilets becoming more and more popular, small businesses and industries started up to start building these necessary items. With the sudden boom in the popularity of these rentable toilets, nicknames started to appear. Some of these are the “Porta-Potty”, “Porta-John” etc.

Today, plastic is used mainly in portable toilet construction as it is very lightweight and incredibly easy to clean.

Fun and Random Facts about the Portable Toilet

* In 2009, at President Barack Obama’s inauguration, there were 5,000 portable toilets rented for the attendees. This is the largest number of portable toilets assembled at once, in all of American history!
* If you use a portable toilet, you are saving 90% more water than if you were to use a regular toilet.
* The United States government spent more than $100,000 on a survey regarding toilet paper presentation preferences. Ultimately, it was decided that putting the flap of toilet paper facing forwards is overwhelmingly the most popular. So remember, next time you are renting a portable toilet, place your toilet paper in a way to please the majority of your guests!
* When there is a line of portable toilets, the first one is the least used—causing it to be much cleaner than the rest.
* More people flush toilets during halftime of the super bowl more than any other time of the year.

When are Portable Toilets Used? What is some General Information about them?

Portable toilets or portable restrooms are rented when traditional restrooms are not available. For example, at an outdoor wedding, portable toilets might be the best option if you do not want guests tracking through your home. They are a great option because even if there is no water you can rent a porta-potty. They can be used at camping sites, events, parties, fairs, festivals, job sites, construction sites, and the beach—almost anywhere you can imagine!

There are so many different types of portable toilets that it might seem hard to even fathom all of the different kinds. All different rental companies will have their own recommendations and specials, but they all have the same kinds for the most part. Some are the typical rentals that you would imagine to be at a construction site, while others have sinks and hand sanitizer. While these sinks might not impress you, there is more. Some are handicap accessible and others are recommended by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Still, some have wood floors, porcelain toilets and urinals and even extravagant chandelier like fixtures. No matter what your needs are, here at Dumpsters.net, we can assure you that we can help you find the best rental company nearest to you.

Another thing you may have noticed about portable restrooms is that they are often wrapped in advertising and banners. This is common for the porta-potty’s located in public areas where the masses can see. Overall, portable restrooms are designed to help control the odor of waste until it can be emptied into the proper location.

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