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Why Single Stream Recycling is Highly Beneficial

There are different forms and ways of recycling that have changed and morphed into each other over the years. Although there are different ways to recycle, there are two main forms that stand out. These are source separation and single stream recycling. Let’s first start off with source separation.

Before single stream recycling there was source separation. This is the process that was used around twenty years ago. When people used source separation they had to make sure that all of their different items were sorted by material. If they were not sorted properly many recycling plants would not take them at all. This was time consuming, and on average, people did not want to take the time to sort out all of their goods.

Recycling plants began to realize this, and came to the conclusion that if people could throw all of their recycling into one can, they would be more likely to recycle. This slowly came into place and is now known as single stream recycling.

Single stream recycling is a process set in place so people do not have to sort their recyclable materials prior to getting picked up. Rather, all of the recyclable materials can be stored and taken away together. Therefore, the items are all separated at the recycling plant rather than at your place of work or in your home. This saves you both time and energy. At recycling plants, there are systems set in place that separate plastics from glass, and paper from cardboard. This can be down with fans that blow the paper, or slits that only small items can fall through. While this has taken extra work on the recycling plants side, is has increased the amount of recycled material by an extraordinary amount.

There are so many positive aspects of single stream recycling, for example the number of people recycling has increased dramatically simply because it is easier for them. Another factor that is nice is that people do not have to have three or four cans sitting at the end of their driveway full of different materials, as now you only need two: one for trash and one for recycling. Because more items are being recycled, landfills are filling up slower. Because they aren’t being filled as fast, there are not as many landfills needing to be built. Overall, when more people recycle there is a much better impact on the environment. The depletion of natural resources also slowed down dramatically, as new materials do not have to be used as frequently.

These machines that are able to separate and organize recyclable goods are crucial in this process. Without them, source separation would still most likely be the norm. There is even a type of separation unit called the star system. These are multi-bladed disks of metal which turn at a fast rate. While turning quickly, these stars flutter cardboard over the paper and smaller pieces. There are also holes on the conveyor belt-type piece that smaller bits of paper can fall through. These are just two very basic examples of ways in which recyclable materials.

Single stream recycling has not only increased the number of people who participate in recycling, but it also directly impacts the environment in a positive way. So when you are disposing of your waste, remember to recycle. That is one reason why you should consider having a waste removal team. When you hire a waste removal company, they will make sure to sort your items at the local waste management facility or material recycling facility.

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