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With so much trash piling up around your office, place of work, or even home, having a reliable waste removal company is crucial for when you need them in Elgin, Arizona.

We understand that it is difficult to determine what company is the most reliable by searching online on your own, and that is why we have taken it into our own hands to do the searching for you. Finding the most affordable companies with the most reliable workers is hard, but we have tackled that task for you.

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Elgin, Arizona Waste Removal
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Fuel Surcharges

Here at Dumpsters.net we are committed to helping you find the absolute best waste removal and trash collection services for whatever your needs may be. You may not understand how fuel surcharges are related to waste management, but they play a major part in the process. As everyone knows, there is an ever increasing price of fuel. This price affects all trucking companies, which include waste removal companies. Because their fuel rates are being raised constantly, the waste removal company will have to alter their price occasionally to make sure that they are getting the correct prices for their line of work. This fuel charge helps to keep complete transparency in the billing process of the waste removal or waste management company.

Frequently Asked Questions about Surcharges

Why is there even a fuel charge?

* A fuel surcharge is necessary to keep a business up and working. The cost of fuel and diesel gas is constantly rising, so companies that are in the trucking business have to be able to pay this ever rising charge. A fuel surcharge is an additional charge on top of the price of the labor, as the company working for you needs you to have money to pay for the gas that they are using for your project. It only makes sense that as the price of fuel increases, you will be charged that price for the increase in the fuel, as the company cannot do it on their own.

The price of fuel nationally has gone down; does that mean the fuel surcharge will go down too?

* Yes, it does. Fuel surcharges are not meant to get extra money out of your wallet; rather, they are put in place so the company working for you can afford to pay the price of the fuel that is being used on your project. While the price of a fuel surcharge is not set in stone by the government, it is tracked by the Department of Energy. If you are interested in seeing what the index for diesel prices is, you can go to the Department of Energy’s website to see averages and current prices.

I want to use your company, but I am not sure whether or not I want to deal with fuel surcharges. Will all companies have them?

* Yes, all companies have fuel surcharges. They are crucial to all companies because they help pay for the rising price of gas that is used on your job.
* This is a charge that usually only changes when fuel prices and tax prices on it increase. Your waste removal company will make sure to show this additional price separately from your original price, as they want you to be able to see exactly what money is needed for what. This also helps to show the customer that their waste removal company is not just raising their price randomly, but the additional charge is for the fuel they have used on your project.

Is the fuel surcharge fee a tax? Does the government force it?

* No, fuel surcharges are not taxes and not issued by the government. You are charged this additional fee as the price of fuel raises or lowers regarding the driving that the waste removal company has to do for your project and then the delivery to the landfill.  

If the price of fuel drops, will my surcharge go down as well?

* Yes, this is correct. The charge is directly correlated to the average price of fuel by the Department of Energy. While the DOE does not mandate this charge, they are the ones who show the standard prices which it is based off of. If the price of fuel goes down, then your fuel surcharge will go down as well.

Where can I find the national averages so I can make sure that my company is charging me the correct amount? Why don’t they attach it in with my original quote?

* You can go onto the Department of Energy’s website to see the national averages of fuel, and when it has lowered and raised. This can help you get an idea of why you are being charged this surcharge.
* Your fuel surcharge will be shown separately than the price of the labor you are paying for. This is for your benefit. By seeing the prices separately, they are showing you exactly what you are paying for and where it goes. This is to give you complete transparency into your bill and their charges from your waste removal company.

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