Stevens Village Waste Removal

You might wonder what sets apart from the rest. Here, we pre-screen all of our recommended waste removal companies so you can get the absolute best waste management system possible in Stevens Village, Alaska.

We will find you a team of skilled workers and dedicated professionals who will not only come take whatever garbage you may need removed, but they will also make sure that everything gets disposed of properly.

They will make sure that recyclables, donation items, and pure trash will all get separated so you can help the environment as well as the community around Yukon Koyukuk County.

Stevens Village, Alaska Waste Removal
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Waste Removal Information

Frequently Asked Questions about Waste Removal Services

Can you pick up hazardous waste or hazardous materials?

Unfortunately it is illegal for a to pick up from any commercial or residential site. Some examples of are batteries, motor oil, lead, weapons, explosives, flammable items, etc. If you are not sure whether or not your items would be considered hazardous, it is best that you call your chosen waste removal company to see if they are allowed to take it or not. These are not rules set in place by the company; rather, they are actually state and federal laws.

I have some materials that I’m not sure if you can pick up or not. What should I do?

All different companies will have a basic list of items that they can and cannot accept (except for the federally illegal hazardous materials). So if you are unsure whether or not you can have your items discarded by your or not, give them a call. As all companies will have different items they cannot accept, it is important to ask the company that you are ultimately going to use.

Are you able to take away the debris from my property such as large tree branches and other yard waste?

Almost all companies are able to pick up and dispose of your yard for you. Once again it is important to ask your specific company before calling for them to come, but overall this is a very standard and routine pick-up.

Can you pick up my old office furniture and other large pieces of appliances and equipment?

Absolutely. When you call your , just make sure that they know what they are picking up if you have any massive items that they might need a warning about. Overall, you will not have to worry about furniture and other items this size. However, when you are disposing of appliances, you will need to be careful. When you are throwing away appliances you need to make sure that there is no Freon or other in them, as this is illegal and they will not be able to take them away. 

 What types of items can I recycle from my garbage?

A large amount of items that people throw away can actually be . helps prevent the depletion of natural resources on our planet. Some examples of items that can be are:

* Aluminum and tin cans
* Plastic
* Newspapers
* Magazines
* Corrugated cardboard and boxes
* Chip board etc…

How do I dispose of old electronics? Can my waste removal company take them?

Your can talk about this with you as it depends on what types of items you are talking about. Almost 100% of the time they are able to come take them off your hands for you, but remember that each company will have different rules, so speak to yours today.

Can you help me donate some of my items? Or do I have to go straight to a donation center pickup?

If your items are in good quality; say for example you are redecorating your company’s offices, and are disposing of furniture still in good shape; you can most definitely have them donated. Your can help you decide what the best tactic to do this is. While you can have the Salvation Army come directly to your home, mostly all companies can do this for you as well.

What is bulk waste? What are some examples of items that are considered to be bulk waste?

Bulk waste refers to items that are too large to fit in your average trashcan or dumpster. You can determine this by thinking about whether or not a normal trash pick-up will be able to take them for you. If you call a waste removal company, they will be happy to come take these large items off of your hands for you. Bulk waste consists of items such as desks, doors, bed frames, large appliances, and other items that aren’t going to easily fit in a trashcan or dumpster. You can call to have them taken off your property or place of work.

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