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Tenakee Springs, Alaska Waste Removal
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Let’s Talk About the Zero Waste Initiative

First of all, what is it?

The Zero Waste Initiative is a vision of having a future world with no waste or trash to dispose of. While this may seem unreasonable, many companies and organizations are on board with this idea and are trying to set it in place. With the rate that our country and world are producing waste, we need to either stop creating the waste in the first place, or try to dispose of it in the greenest way possible. It is a necessity to our world’s future.

Waste not only harms the ecosystem and environment, but it reduces the efficiency of our world as we know it. It is a cycle of creating waste and disposing of it in a way that is not the best for our environment. However, the Zero Waste Initiative is a way to break and combat this cycle. Waste removal and waste management companies across the country want to be able to dispose of their collected waste in the most efficient and green way possible and this zero waste initiative would most definitely do that.

This processes main goal is to ultimately have all trash diverted away from landfills, as it is also called the Zero Landfill Initiative sometimes. This can be accomplished by increasing our recycling and diverting all recycled goods from going to landfills. The second major concept that the Zero Waste Initiative has is to greatly reduce the production of waste. You may ask how waste can be eliminated, but many companies are already willing and trying to figure out a way to try to jumpstart this process. One main company that is involved in this is the giant chain store, Walmart.

Walmart and the Zero Waste Program

It is publically known that Walmart is in the midst of a zero waste program within their company. This is an extremely large task to take on, and it will be, but and already has been massively beneficial to the environment. As Walmart is such as large chain company, as they are able to even slightly reduce their waste, it makes a huge difference. And with the work that they have done so far, they already are making an enormous difference.

So far, Walmart has been able to relay recyclable items from landfills to recycling plants and other more environmentally friendly facilities. In 2009 alone they were able to get 151.8 million pounds of trash into recycling plants, avoiding the landfill. If that is the number solely from 2009, imagine that number growing and growing over the years. And while that number consists of plastics and other hard materials, the pounds of cardboard recycled are even greater. 4.6 billion pounds of cardboard and corrugated paper have been recycled rather than ending up in a landfill. This is extreme dedication and should be applauded. It not only is great for their company, but it is inspiring for other companies who want to get involved.

Walmart is planning on having absolutely no waste ending up in landfills by the year 2025. But while it may seem easy to avoid landfills, they have to work around suggestions and regulations by the Environment for Development to do it in the best way possible. They have to work around certain requirements such as avoiding incineration as well. While incineration may seem like a great idea, they are recommended to avoid it because it is expensive and may cause air emissions which aren’t beneficial to the environment. Because they are having to work around certain requirements and want to have the most eco-friendly outcome possible, they are focusing on recycling and the diversion of materials that can’t be recycled. By using diversion as a tactic, they are going to have to work on repackaging some items and avoiding some materials.

Not only are they working on plastics and cardboard, but Walmart also has to deal with leftover and expired food. This is another source that typically ends up in landfills. While they have done a great job working on their recycling, they are also doing excellently dealing with their leftover food. With extra food in so many of their stores and centers, they work with Feeding America as well as giving the older food to animal shelters and wild animals across the county.

While it may seem almost impossible to get rid of waste and pure trash, Walmart has done a surprisingly amazing job with it. If other companies followed in their footsteps, our environment could take a giant upward swing.

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