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Shorterville, Alabama Waste Removal
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Waste Removal Information

There are many different facilities that trash and debris can be sent to after being sorted in a waste management facility. After it is picked up from your commercial or residential property, there are many steps that your debris will go through until it reaches its final destination. Waste removal companies are great because they actually promote better disposal for the environment. Rather than you just dropping your trash off at the landfill, your waste removal company will get your trash going on the right path so it can be recycled or even turned into green energy. To have you understand a little more about the different places it can end up, read below.

Recycling Plants

Recycling plants are debatably the best option for the environment. Unfortunately, so many items are thrown away every day that can actually be recycled. That is why waste management is so important. Waste management facilities take the time to separate all of these items to make sure that they are heading where they would be best suited and what is in the best interest of the environment. Without recycling, the world’s natural resources would just continue to be depleted. Recycling is important because it slows this process.

When you throw away your trash, your waste management facility will sort your goods to find recyclables that have not been contaminated by an outside source. However, you can take it into your own hands, and you can recycle on your own. Simply get a second trash can to dispose of your recyclable materials.

Some recyclable materials are:

* Paper and newspaper
* Chip board
* Cardboard and corrugated paper
* Plastic
* Aluminum and tin cans
* Etc…

Compost Centers

You may wonder what type of waste will end up in a compost center, and the answer is easy: organic waste. Organic waste is any type of item that can decompose down to a natural substance, thus being any type of biodegradable waste. These types of items are food, yard waste, wood, and other types of biodegradable items.

Rather than sitting in a landfill, these items are able to be broken down and used as fertilizer or even as a natural pesticide. It is great that they do not end up in landfills as the world only has so much space. By reducing the amount of waste thrown in them, these landfills won’t fill up and be created so quickly.  

Once turned into a fertilizer, pesticide, or soil enrichment material, the land or soil that it is mixed with will be filled with rich nutrients, causing rapid and healthy growth of vegetation.


While it is still better to recycle or compost items (if possible) rather than to dispose of them in a landfill, the country has actually improved the standards of these very much. Even up to ten years ago these landfills had terrible connotations. However, there has actually been a sort of evolution of the landfill and how they are designed and created.

In order to make them much for environmentally friendly, many engineers and builders take their time in making sure they are as safe as possible. They do this by making sure they follow federal as well as state laws.

Some of these laws are:

* Liners of plastic and clay so nothing leaks out
* A cover in case it needs to be covered for any reason
* Gas alert systems
* Proper drainage systems
* Water management systems
* Etc.

Overall, these are just three examples of places where your waste could end up. There are other places as well, such as , , and even for holding. So next time you need from your commercial or residential property, make sure to call a to have it disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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