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With a vast number of waste removal services for you to choose from, you might not know where to start or what to look for in the best one for you in Myrtlewood, Alabama.

We understand that this may be an overwhelming process, or you might just assume that they are all the same and choose the first waste removal company you can find. Here at we want to help you from feeling either of these ways.

We want you to choose a waste removal company around Marengo County that serves and treats its customers with the utmost respect that you deserve.

Myrtlewood, Alabama Waste Removal
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Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling

What is single stream recycling?

Single stream recycling is a process of recycling that has encourages more people to begin to recycle. Rather than having to separate all of your own materials at home, you can put all of your recycling together which can later be separated at the Material Recovery Facility. Once in these facilities, they will use different mechanisms, machines, and techniques to separate all different types of objects.

How are the different types of materials separated?

There are many different types of mechanisms that are used to sort the recyclable materials. After being dropped off by your waste removal company, the Material Recovery Facility will start to separate them all. While all facilities have different pieces of equipment to separate all of the different materials, some being blades, rounds, hand sorting, and even fans that blow the papers apart from the heavier items; all sorting facilities generally have the same types of tools and equipment.

Is single stream just in my community, or is it used nationwide?

Communities all across the country are converting to single stream recycling. Because it has raised the rate of items that are being recycled and has turned out to be so beneficial, almost all cities and communities are starting to use this process. In some cases, up to 65% of trash is being recycled and not ending up in your local landfill! This statistic is great for both waste removal companies as well as waste management companies. Denver, San Jose, Toronto, and Philadelphia are just a few examples of cities that have fully transitioned over to single stream recycling.

Why are waste removal and waste management companies so adamant about single stream recycling?

Single stream recycling not only more convenient for homeowners and business owners as it saves time for them, but we have found that with single stream recycling, people are paying much more attention to recycling and are doing it much more than other before; because it is so easy and convenient. Waste management companies are encouraging single stream recycling because it is actually better for our environment as there is a slower depletion of natural resources. Besides the fact that it is better for the environment as more people are participating, you should be grateful that the process has now been made easier for you!

But if we are mixing materials together won’t they be contaminated and less likely to be recycled?

Not always, if you follow the proper guidelines then you won’t have any problem avoiding contamination. One fix that greatly helps this problem is to rinse out your old tins, cans, and bottles before mixing them in with paper or cardboard. As long as only this water or moisture is getting on the paper, then it will not be considered contaminated. You just want to avoid food and liquids from unwashed cans getting onto your other items.

If there is water on my recyclable items, will their value decrease?

No, this will not be an issue unless it is severe contamination. Paper and cardboard actually go through a process of being submerged in water when getting recycled, so it is not a problem if water touches them prior to this. In order to find out all of the exact rules and specifications of your waste removal company, it is recommended that you call them and ask them specifically about their requirements.

I am still confused and am not sure what to do with my recycling…

Recycling and figuring out what to place in what trash bin can still be a confusing process for some. If we have not answered all of your questions, it is recommended that you call your local waste management service to see what their thoughts are. This sometimes differs from state to state or even city to city.  


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