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Elrod, Alabama Waste Removal
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Waste Removal Information

There are many different waste recycling and service plants where your debris will be dropped off after it is picked up and sorted. In order for you to understand a little more about this process we have gathered together a compilation of these types of facilities and how they work. Overall, there are landfills, recycling centers, transfer stations, composts and material recycling facilities.


Landfills are large structures that are planned and designed to isolate waste from the location surrounding it. While there is indeed a large move to recycle and reduce the amount of unrecyclable materials we are taking in, there is still a large amount of debris that cannot be recycled or reused. Because these items cannot be recycled, you have to make sure that your waste removal company is disposing them in the most environmentally way possible.

People used to think of landfills as large dumps that are uncared for and those who plan them don’t think about the future of the environment. However, there has been a sort of evolution of the landfill, as they are not what people think they are or what they used to be. There is a significant amount of engineering and planning that goes into these structures to make sure that they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Landfills now have to comply with local, state and federal laws, such as:

* Proper and functioning drainage systems
* Gas management and alert systems
* Water management and monitoring systems
* Liners made of both plastic and clay
* The option to cover if necessary
* Etc.

Recycling Centers

So many items that are discarded of on a daily basis can be brought to these recycling plants to better protect the environment. This is a crucial process as it stops new products from being used and slows the process of the depletion of our world’s natural resources.

Waste removal services will be able to sort your goods to find recyclables if you do not have the time. However, it is recommended that you separate your recyclables from your trash in the beginning. Your items will be sorted and sent to the proper recycling center where they can be reused the most efficiently.

Items that are frequently recycled are:

* Corrugated paper and cardboard
* Paper
* Aluminum and tin cans
* Plastics
* Etc.

Transfer Stations

Transfer stations are locations where waste and trash are unloaded and held for short periods of time. After waiting, the items are then reloaded onto vehicles that will transport them long distances to get to landfills and other waste treatment facilities. Whenever materials go to a landfill or a recycling plant it is highly likely that they stopped at a transfer station first.

Transfer stations are important because they save gas and travel by putting more waste into one truck. By being able to lessen the number of trips the trucks have to take, money is being saved at an exponential rate by the waste removal companies.

Compost Centers

Many trash items such as food, yard waste, and wood are all capable of going to compost centers. Composts will break down these materials into a decaying substance that is great natural soil enrichment. It has the same effects as manure and even chemical soil enrichment additives.

Overall, composts are important because they turn your waste into a usable substance that is very helpful and beneficial for the environment and are a main facility where waste removal companies will drop off their waste.


MRFs or Material Recycling Facilities are plants that sort and prepare materials for different plants and manufactures. There are different types of MRFs, as some deal with dirty MRFs and others deal with clean MRFS.

Dirty MRFs accept waste that has not been sorted yet. These centers will sort the items and then designate where they should then go. Clean MRFs only accept items that are recyclable and have already been sorted.

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