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Dumpster Rental Information

The Dumpster

The term dumpster refers to the large, often steel, trashcan-like bins that can be used in many different circumstances or scenarios. There are multiple kinds, such as the roll-off dumpster and the commercial dumpster.

The word “dumpster” was first used in 1936 by the company Dempster-Dumpster. This was the first commercial use of the term. While it started off associated with the Dempster-Dumpster company, the term now is a more generalized trademark.

The purpose of a dumpster is to dispose of and to remove waste from either commercial or residential construction or demolition sites. Other types are emptied on a weekly basis and are more permanent, such as for a particular restaurants or stores and their waste. All business buildings, apartments, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc. all have these commercial dumpsters for their convenience.   

The temporary version of this dumpster is called the roll-off. This type of dumpster is a rentable one that you can have delivered and picked up once it is full of your trash. While you may think that a roll-off dumpster may not be needed in a vast amount of circumstances, think again.

* Large household cleanouts and redecoration
* Trash removal projects
* Spring cleaning
* Home foreclosures
* Estate cleanouts
* Moving in OR out of a home
* Remolding projects
* Reroofing
* New floors installed
* And more!

There are many different names that people call these rentable dumpsters by— some being, roll-offs, containers, bins, and open top containers. These rentable dumpsters are carried by large trucks that deliver them to the requested location, and will pick them up on a scheduled date. They are extremely convenient for construction and clean-up sites.


While it may sound like anything can be disposed of in these roll-offs, there are items that cannot be accepted into them for safety reasons. Below are two lists, one of materials that can safely be stored in roll-offs, and the other list shows items that are prohibited by most hauler companies. But remember, if you want to make sure, you can call your hauler to see if they have the same restrictions.

Unaccepted Materials

While the majority of items you are going to be disposing of will be allowed in your dumpster, there are certain items that will not be allowed to be disposed of.

Some of these items are:

* Tires
* Batteries
* Paint
* Special Waste
* Fluorescent lights
* Liquids
* Anything with Freon in it
* Mattress box springs
* Asbestos
* Any biohazards or medical waste

Accepted Materials

Some of these items are:

* Normal household trash and debris
* Yard supplies, tree branches, tree stumps, tree limbs
* Planks of wood and wooden crates
* Cardboard sheets and cardboard boxes
* Metals
* Garage debris, clean pipes
* Roofing debris/ shingles/ sheetrock/ bricks/ dirt/ sand but only allowed in 20 yard dumpster for weight reasons. The truck must be able to lift it, so can’t be a larger dumpster. The container must also be filled ¾ of the way high so there is no spillage and to make sure it can be lifted by the truck.

Whether you are a homeowner, confused, overwhelmed, and trying to clean out your basement, attic or yard, or a seasoned professional in the waste management business, we can help you.

Simply check out the recommended and pre-screened haulers in your area today. These committed junk haulers will drop off and pick up your dumpster whenever is most convenient for you. And no need to wait around at home for workers to show up late! With prompt and only the best customer service, you will never be disappointed with any of the companies that you could choose from!

And if you don’t have time to wait around at home for the delivery team, just leave detailed instructions on where you want the dumpster or container placed or picked up from, and you can come home with it already taken care of!

Gainesville, Alabama Dumpster Rental

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Gainesville Dumpster Rental

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