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The Importance of Recycling in Dumpster Rentals

If you are cleaning out your yard for summer activities, or clearing out tree limbs and lawn debris after a storm or natural disaster, you should consider using a dumpster for recycling purposes. If you decide to recycle, you will be providing other areas potentially with fresh woodchips, and all of the resources can be broken down into further use, rather than being permanently disposed of in a landfill or dump.

But while it takes a little bit of extra effort, the outcome pays off. The small effort that you are putting into the process will pay in big dividends.  

Unfortunately, when you are demolishing your house, or renovating your kitchen, it is difficult to recycle. Not because of the materials, but because haulers cannot take mixed loads to a recycling plant. If you decide that you want to recycle your haul, you will need a dumpster devoted solely to recyclable materials. This is why an outdoor project, yard cleanup, or storm cleanup are perfect ways to recycle, as the dumpster that would be rented for them would not be a mixed load—it would solely be filled with fallen tree branches and natural substances.

Here, at, we believe that the extra little bit of effort put forth by you, our customer, will pay off in the long run, as it saves natural resources, provides renewable fuel, and even saves money.

Dumpster Facts

While people often associate dumpsters with filth, rotten food, and smelly debris, but there are a few common misconceptions about them. There are indeed certain materials that are not allowed in them, and they are not simply a large trash can that anything can be thrown into.

Any non-poisonous waste is welcome in a dumpster, along with food, trash, and household debris. But back to the topic of recycling, think before you toss. A good amount of your debris will actually be able to be recycled or donated. Even excess dirt from construction sites can be disposed of to be recycled, but only if they do not contain any hazardous materials.

However, there are some bad materials that need to be disposed of in a proper manner, and not within a dumpster. As stated earlier on the website, there are lists of prohibited materials that cannot be placed or stored in them. But how are you supposed to get rid of them then? In order to dispose of hazardous materials such as batteries, paint, paint thinner, Freon etc., you will need to contact your local waste management center to find out where you can dispose of these materials, for the safety of the haulers, the landfill workers, and your own home.

And please remember, if you have extra debris that does not fit into the dumpster, do NOT leave it lying next to the container, as it is not the haulers job to clean it up for you. If you have too much debris for your size dumpster, you will either have to pay an overage, or you will have to rent another dumpster to have it hauled away.

Obscure Dumpster Uses!

There have been a variety of reporting’s of dumpsters being used for incredibly peculiar things—hopefully; you will not be one of these users!

There have been reports of dumpsters filled solely with watermelons, another with cookies, and another even with a giraffe burial inside of it.

With all of these completely bizarre scenarios, remember to confirm with your hauler that you are disposing materials that they permit, as a giraffe burial is most likely not on their allowed checklist…

Other people even use dumpsters as a means of meals—ever heard of dumpster divers? These divers even use their findings for art projects and collection galleries.

These are all bizarre scenarios, completely out of the ordinary… So remember, when you are filling your dumpster, make sure to check with your local dumpster hauler that you are using it in the proper fashion and filling it up accordingly!

In Conclusion

First of all—remember the importance of recycling. If you have a yard project that is majority recyclables and natural materials, recycle it! Mixed loads make it unable for the haulers to recycle it, and by doing this you can help your community and save other natural resources.

Secondly, make sure that what you are disposing of is allowed by your local hauler! You do not want to be known as the next renter who uses it inappropriately and for ways not allowed by your local hauler. So follow the list of instructions, and fill your dumpster properly!

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