Sterling Junk Removal

With all of the clutter adding up in your garage, basement and attic, isn’t it time you started to think about organizing it?

While so much of it is junk and trash, you will need a junk removal company to come haul it away; this will prevent you from leaving it on the street in front of your home.

From the largest of jobs, to even a single desk that needs to be disposed of, your local company in Sterling, Alaska will be able to help you with whatever you need, no matter how big or small.

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Junk Removal Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove my old exercise equipment?

* Completely. We will supply you with companies that will come to your residence to pick up almost anything from you. Rowing machines to ellipticals, to bikes and even treadmills, we will help you find the absolute best company for your junk removal.

Can you remove oil from my premises? What about gasoline tanks?

* Unfortunately not. It is illegal for companies to dispose of, or even move hazardous materials. While we will help you find the best junk removal expert in your local area, no company is allowed to remove materials such as these by federal and state laws.

I have some really heavy junk. Will you still be able to remove it?

* Absolutely. Junk haulers will come with all different sorts of equipment to make sure that they are able to remove anything you could possibly need hauled away. Using rolling dollies and other tools, they will be able to take anything away no matter how big the size. No need to provide your own tools, your junk removal company will be able to do whatever you ask of them.

I suddenly can’t be at home on the day I told the movers to come. Can I change the date that the movers will come to remove my junk?

* Absolutely. You can always call your local company to have your junk hauled away at a different time or day. Will there be an additional fee? This is unlikely but varies from company to company. When you choose your local junk removal, call and ask them about this in advance, just in case the situation arises at a later date.

Do I help load the junk into the haulers truck?

* Not at all, this is what you are paying the junk removers to do. They will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is point out what you need removed from your property or home and they will take it away while you relax.

If I am having you move my furniture into my new house, how can I be sure it won’t get damaged or dirty?

* Whether we are removing your least favorite old dirty couch to throw out, or picking up your brand new white love seat to deliver to your new home, we only endorse companies who pride themselves on their clean and efficient process. When you tell the haulers what you are doing with the furniture and different items, they will take extra precaution to keep your items clean and in perfect condition. For more information call your local junk removal company for more information.

When do I hire a junk removal company verses renting a dumpster?

* First things first, when you rent a dumpster you are in charge of completely loading it yourself. Dumpsters are good for construction projects with a continuous influx of debris. On the other hand, junk removal companies come and take away your junk without you having to lift a finger, or without having to keep a dumpster in your driveway.

I am planning on moving to a different house. How long will the process take to move all of my furniture and possessions?

* This has many variables. It is very circumstantial and can take anywhere from one day to a week. This will depend on a few thing such as: the total combined weight of all of your items, the distance the truck has to drive from location to location, and if you have any items that require special instructions or care. If you would like to know a more exact estimate, call your local junk removal company and they can talk out the details with you.

Why can’t any junk haulers take hazardous materials?

* Any and every junk hauler or trash collector is not allowed to pick up or haul anything that is considered a hazardous material. Anything that contains chemicals, gasoline, oil, or anything of that matter is not allowed to be removed by junk haulers by federal laws.

How would you define “Junk Removal”? What makes it different than a trash pickup?

* Whereas trash ends up in a landfill, junk has a different outcome. Junk is considered to be anything in your house, apartment, or office that no one gets use out of anymore. Rather than being dumped in a landfill, your hauled away junk will be given to those who need it, or recycled in the most efficient way possible.

I have scheduled a time for my local junk removal company to come pick up my old furniture. What will they bring with them? What should I expect?

* Congratulations! Luckily for you, there is nothing you need to do in preparation. Remember, your junk removal company is very used to doing this. They will arrive with everything that they could possibly need. They will come fully prepared so sit down and relax!

Sterling, Alaska Junk Removal

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Sterling Junk Removal

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