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Junk Removal Information

How to Dispose of Hazardous Materials

You may be curious how to dispose of hazardous materials since junk removal companies are not allowed to remove them from your property. Luckily, there are ways which you can get rid of them legally and safely. Listed below are common hazardous materials that customers need to get rid of and the way in which you are supposed to throw it out:

Propane Tanks

When your junk removal company refuses to take certain materials off your property you might be frustrated and annoyed. But it is not their, or even their company’s fault. Federally they are not allowed to drive them off your premises for safety reasons. So you have some propane tanks in your garage and don’t want them or need to get rid of them. How do you do this? Well, below are the steps.

* You can take your propane tank to a store such as Home Depot and they will sometimes take them for disposal or reuse.
* Search online for companies that can come take it from your property (legally!). If you go to the Yellow Pages and type in “Gas” you will find companies for this.
* Find a hazardous waste facility near you where you can throw it out, but it will have to be empty.
* Empty your tank and contact your local waste management company. If your tank is empty you might be allowed to put it out with your trash.
* Find a metal scrap yard and see if they will take it from you. It will have to be empty however.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is another material that most hauling and junk removal companies will not take. This is frustrating because you might not know how to dispose of it yourself. Luckily, here are some tips on how to get rid of it legally:

* Put the used motor oil in a closed container. Take this container to a local recycling center and see if they can dispose of it safely for you. You can also try taking it to a quick lube, or car center to see what they can do or recommend.
* Absolutely do not dispose of the motor oil down a drain, down your driveway or in a street drain. While it can seem so easy and tempting, it creates even more dangerous and hazardous mixes.
* If you properly dispose of this oil it can be recycled very well and can be used again. You do not want to contaminate the ground or local water, so bring it somewhere safe so it can be recycled.


Getting rid of antifreeze is a relatively simple process, and goes as follows:

* Fill a sealable container (that won’t leak) with the antifreeze you wish to dispose of.
* You will take it to an auto parts store where the workers will take it from you.
* Absolutely do not pour it down the drain, as you can actually be arrested for doing so.

Biohazard Wastes

While this is not a common concern, there are indeed locations that need to dispose of biohazards such as hospitals and doctors’ offices. Below are instructions on how to properly and legally dispose of these materials:

* Use 10% bleach to dilute and sterilize the waste materials prior to getting rid of it.
* But this mixture in a red trash bag or medical box. This can include anything from blood to needles to tissue.
* You will need to place these bags in proper biohazard waste disposal boxes.
* Lastly, check with your local risk management to see how to handle liquids such as blood. Sometimes you are allowed to pour larger amounts while other times it has to be diluted and thrown out in smaller bags.

Overall there are many materials that junk haulers cannot pick up from your home, business, or place of work. While it may be frustrating, it is for your own safety. Since hauling companies cannot dispose of these types of trash for you, hopefully these tips will be able to help you.

Smithville, Arkansas Junk Removal

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