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Portable Toilets Information

Portable Restroom Rentals

With so many different types of portable toilets available to rent, you might not be sure which kind would suit your needs best. On the other hand, you might only be familiar with the standard “Porta-Potty” seen at construction and public sites.

Here at Dumpsters.net, we want you to become familiar with all of the top-notch portable restroom rental companies in your area. We also want to help you from becoming overwhelmed with the different styles, types, and kinds of portable toilet rentals available for you and your unique needs.

Dumpsters.net is happy to provide you with all of the basic types of portable restrooms available, but in order to more fully understand the details of your rental, we suggest that you pick up the phone and call your local rental service to see what they offer. Even if you have no idea what you will need, your local rental service will happily and easily recommend what they think will suit your needs best.

From large construction sites to corporate events and even weddings, there are rentable toilets tough enough and even luxurious enough for any occasion.

Some Different Rental Options—Single Toilet Rentals

* The most commonly seen and recognized portable toilet is the standard restroom rental. Most commonly seen at your neighbor’s construction site, or even a larger more intensive site, these are the standard rentals for industrial use.
* The next step above this option is the deluxe restroom. This is most commonly rented for special occasions such as fairs, parties, and gatherings. This is the typical restroom rental for special events.
* The next step up is the flushing toilet rental. As expected from the name, the flushing toilet has a holding tank for sewage with a hands-free flushing mechanism. This is usually rented for more ritzy events, such as weddings or corporate events.
* Another rental choice has two different options that would fall under the same category, and used at family events as they are easily accessible for the handicapped and the elderly. The first option is the wheelchair accessible toilet rental. With an extra roomy interior, this rental is great for family events as wheelchairs and walkers can easily turn and maneuver within it. There is also a toilet rental that is approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This option is both wheelchair accommodating as well as approved by the regulations of the ADA. This also has a roomy interior and is great for also parents that may want to assist their children into the restroom. Overall, with either of these options, you can’t go wrong.
* Another option for a toilet rental is one that is solely run on solar power. With flushing water, a sink, and lighting all from solar power, this option is perfect for the people who enjoy protecting the environment, or those who even just want a sustainable toilet rental.
* For those whose construction site is constantly changing, there is the option to have portable toilets that are fixed on top of trailers. This makes it easy to move your amenities from site to site without having to have the rental company come and move it for you.
* Lastly, there is the high rise construction toilet rental. This is the most tough and durable toilet rental available in most cases. Used in massive construction, and with a frame durable enough to be lifted by a crane to rest in high rise construction, this option can be placed and will fit where the standard rental wont.

Extra Amenities

If you are in need of bulk waste storage for your Porta-Potties, or are in charge of a massive constructions site—renting a waste holding tank might be in your best interest.

These will be stored underneath the trailer and will hold extra waste when you are in need of extra storage.

In addition, if you do not have access to running, fresh water, you can ask your rental service for a freshwater tank. These can come in multiple different sizes and are perfect for sites where running water is either scarce or inaccessible.


With so many rental options for single stall toilet rentals, you may feel that you have a lot to think about. However, if you know what type of construction site or special event you are having, you can easily narrow down the different types of toilets that you may want to rent.

If you still don’t know which would be in your best interest to rent, call your recommended local service and they will be able to help you narrow down the toilets to find the best option for your needs.

In addition, if you are need of toilet or restroom rentals for a greater amount of people, or you wish to have a more elaborate rental for your guests, look into trailer restroom rentals. With mirrors, wooden floors, and porcelain seats and urinals, you can shock your guests with the extravagance (and ease!) of your new rental.

Equality, Alabama Portable Toilets

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Equality Portable Toilets

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