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Portable Toilets Information

Restrooms aren’t always available at sites or events when you need them, so to be prepared, portable toilets or “Porta-Potties” have been becoming more and more popular. From weddings to construction sites, it seems that there is a portable toilet for every scenario.

Portable restrooms now come in almost any design or style to accommodate all different types of events and activities. By reading a little on the different toilet rental options and trailer restroom rentals, and calling your local rental service, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Tips for Portable Toilets

In order to get your guests or employees to use your portable toilet rental it is crucial that you keep it clean and in proper condition. You also will need to make sure that it is readily stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

You should remind the users of the toilet rental that feminine products and other materials cannot be disposed of in the toilet. While this may seem unimportant, remember that the waste is being deposited at a water waste treatment plant. So by using your toilet rental properly, you are not only keeping it clean for the next users, but you are helping the environment as well.

About Portable Toilets

All Porta-Potty rentals will have a leak-proof and sturdy base. This is so it doesn’t leak, as the waste is considered a biohazard. The container where the waste is stored is transportable so it can be disposed of properly after you return your rental.

Within the basin of the toilet is formaldehyde, which you may know of as an embalming fluid. This is a blue liquid that stays blue until it turns green. When the formaldehyde turns green it is meant to show the owner or company that it is full and the chemicals cannot continue to fight off the odor.

Rentable portable toilets are guaranteed to be cleanly. While that may sound unconvincing, they are emptied, cleaned, disinfected and deodorized weekly by the rental company by rule. This will save money or time compared to cleaning your own outdoor bathroom or hiring a cleaning service.

Next, portable toilets do not clog since they do not have a plumbing system. This will prevent you from having to try to clean and unclog dirty outdoor toilets. And while you may doubt that they are able to hold a significant amount of waste, they can actually hold enough sewage for up to ten people in an entire work week.

Sizes and Measurements of Portable Toilet Rentals

A single stall rental will hold one person. It is a freestanding structure that often is made of plastic. The dimension of the average portable toilet is 7 feet tall by 3 feet. Even the most basic models will contain the necessities such as toilet paper, and sometimes hand sanitizer. You can however request a nicer portable toilet with a sink.

A trailer restroom is very different from the single stall rentable toilet. They are about the size of 6-7 individual stalls in capacity. There are multiple stalls within the trailer, and they are much nicer than the individual portable toilet rentals. Depending on which kind you decide to rent (there are a few different options depending on what you need it for) you can have running water, electricity, and flushing toilets. On average, these are much nicer, as some of them have wooden floors and cabinets and stainless steel sinks and knobs.

Owens Cross Roads, Alabama Portable Toilets

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Owens Cross Roads Portable Toilets

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