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Portable Toilets Information

Let’s Talk About Portable Washrooms

While all of you have heard of or used a portable toilet, or a “Porta-Potty”, not all of you may have heard of portable washrooms and showers. These portable washrooms are perfect for jobs in remote locations where there is no other option available. With many different size options, there is a large variety of portable washrooms available for you or your workers.

But besides needed in remote locations, there is an even greater and more important need for these portable showers. Imagine all of the natural disasters and catastrophes that have left people homeless and in despair. While it is crucial for them to have beds, clothes, and bathrooms—these men, women, and children also deserve a clean shower. Imagine living in a temporary space for weeks at a time with no access to a shower? That is where portable washrooms come into play. Brought in in bulk quantity after Hurricane Katrina’s devastating damage, these portable washrooms have started to be more frequently used after disasters and catastrophes. After all, the opportunity to feel clean is not a privilege, it is a right.

Another way in which these portable showers have been used is to help the homeless. It not only feels good to be clean, but there are a number of health benefits that come along with bathing at least once a week. However, this use of them has been a topic of controversy between the public and the homeless. Cities do not want their streets littered with showers and the homeless lined up to use them as their citizen’s walk around them. However, this is a rather selfish way to look at the situation. Portable washrooms should be available to anyone who may be in need of them. If you feel strongly about this, perhaps help join a cause to help donate money towards portable showers after natural disasters or to the less fortunate.

Different Portable Shower and Washroom Options

The 24-Foot Shower Trailer

This 24-Foot shower option is one of the smaller options for a shower rental. A white elevated trailer with multiple staircases and an optional attachment to a vehicle, this is a very convenient option, as it is not too large. This is a good choice for less than 15 people. With eight showers on the interior of the trailer, they are all self-contained and completely private. Each shower stall is about 30”x 30” and has proper drains and skylights for outdoor lighting. While it is clean and efficient, it is not the most formal and elaborate, if that is what you are looking for.

The 32-Foot Shower Trailer

This option for a rentable shower trailer is perfect for those in need of privacy between men and women. With two halves, each has four individual and private shower stalls. There are also two sinks on each side and one trash bin. This option is great because of the privacy between men and women, as it gives a bit more solitude. In addition to the extra privacy feature, there is a large tank to hold extra water. It also has its own interior lighting and air-conditioning and heating mechanisms. Along with sinks and mirrors there is also hot and cold water. With a reasonable size, great amenities and a clean décor, this is a great portable shower or portable washroom for any customer.

The 53-Foot Shower Trailer

This 53-foot shower trailer is one of the largest options as it has 16 individual shower stalls. With six entire tanks, this is a massive utility, meant for heavy use with a lot of people. Each of the 16 stalls has a bench and small dressing area attached for the user’s convenience. There is hot water and a water tank that hold over 1,000 gallons of fresh water. There are six sinks for the users to share and electrical outlets for hairdryers or anything else that may need an outlet. There are also indoor lights rather than skylights for outdoor lighting.

The Cold Shower Room

This option is small, compact, and can fit almost anywhere. However, only cold water is used in this shower rental option. It is less extravagant than the trailer showers for this reason. When using this option you are required to have a fresh water source and connection to sewage system for drainage. A garden hose is perfectly acceptable for water use. While a cold shower may sound dreadful, this would be a perfect way for any outdoor construction worker to cool off during the heat of the day.

The Fully Furnished Shower Trailer

Like the trailer restrooms, there are also extravagant shower trailers available for rent. With stronger water pressure, tile floors, large vanities and mirrors, painted walls, and even flowers for decoration, you can find any shower rental for your needs. These have even been used at pool parties, weddings, and any other events where guests might need a rinse off!

Excel, Alabama Portable Toilets

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Excel Portable Toilets

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