Ashville Portable Toilets

With all of the construction in your backyard  in Ashville, Alabama. your workers are in desperate need of portable toilets.

But besides them, these rentals will also benefit you and your home! Rather than having your construction workers trekking through your home in their muddy and dusty shoes, wouldn’t it be much more preferable for them to have their own restrooms? This way, you won’t have to worry about having to stay home during the day to allow the workers to come into your house.

Overall, rentable toilets are a necessity in any construction project—so call your local rental company in Saint Clair County today.

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Portable Toilets Information

The Many Different Types of Single Restrooms

The first type of single restroom is the Standard Restroom. These are used mainly in construction sites and will be delivered to wherever you will need it. These are perfect for both commercial and residential construction projects. It is recommended that for every 10 workers that you have per 40 hour workweek, you will be in need of one portable toilet. If you have more or less numbers and are confused in the conversion process for your project, call your local portable rental service and they can help assess your situation and how many you will be in need of.

Deluxe rentable toilets are the preferred rental for events and special occasions. With a slightly larger interior, they are less crammed and a bit more pleasant. These are great for outdoor functions, such as parties, concerts, fairs and carnivals, and more. You may choose to have your deluxe rentable toilet come with a sink that is made possible by a hands-free pump for more sanitary use. Again, it is recommended that you call your local renter to find out how many rentable toilets they think would be best for your event. Make sure that when you call them you know in advance how many guests approximately and how long your party will last.

For more special events such as weddings, or if your budget permits it, you can even invest in renting restrooms with the flushing feature. With the ability to flush and keep the rental cleaner, it will provide a more comfortable experience for your guests. This option will even come with a waste tank for extra storage and to keep the portable toilet from becoming unpleasant.

For more intensive construction, there are more durable and strong portable toilets. You may wonder why a “strong” portable toilet could ever be necessary—but in many cases, cranes will actually have to lift them onto high-rises so the workers can access them more freely. There are a few options for these construction rentals, so if you are in need of one, you can see which one fits your prerequisites the best.

* There is the “roll-around” toilet. This rental comes on wheels and is great because it can fit in the tightest spots and can be transported in elevators and tight locations.
* Then there is the standard portable toilet that comes with heavy-duty bracing and a lifting hook, allowing it to be transported up in the air and to more diverse locations
* There are also versions of a very small toilet that is convenient for the most portable jobs. With a urinal and wheels, it can be transported almost anywhere, except for the high rises!

Another option for a portable toilet is the wheelchair accessible version. This is a great option for family parties, or events where you know that elderly people or anyone in a wheelchair will be at. This wheelchair accessible portable toilet comes with a ramp and is large enough that wheelchairs have enough room to turn around and maneuver within the space. There are even handrails around the facilities, so your elderly family members will be able to get up and back into their wheelchair or walker safely. You can even rent this option if you simply just want to have extra space within your unit!

Similar to the wheelchair accessible portable toilet, there is also one that complies with all of the regulation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Like the wheelchair accessible rental, this has extra room and a spacious interior, either for easy movement or assistance. Another reason his ADA approved portable toilet is recommended is because it comes in use for families with small children too. With the amount of space inside, it is a great option for children that still need their parent’s assistance in the bathroom. This specific rental is perfect for not just family events, but also fairs, parades, gatherings and anywhere families are gathered.

On another note, there are more durable and portable toilets and are trailer-mounted. This option makes them a great rental option for construction sites that are constantly moving or other fast moving construction. You can rent one of these units with up to four toilets attached. But do not get these confused with trailer restroom rentals—the more elaborate option. The toilets mounted on a movable trailer is simply for construction and industrial use.

Lastly, there is the option to have a solar restroom. This is an option that is perfect for people that believe in using sustainable energy. While it is spacious, comfortable, and is perfectly lovely for even a party or wedding, it is wider and slightly taller than the other restrooms.

The Importance of Hand Hygiene

The most important and number one way to keep yourself, your family and your friends healthy is to wash your hands frequently. After using the restroom, coming home from work and especially before eating it is crucial to wash your hands.

When you rent a portable toilet or restroom, it either comes with, or more likely, you have the option to rent a sink for you and your guests. If you cannot afford to rent additional sinks for your guests, make sure to get hand sanitizer to keep next to the portable bathrooms, as they are a major factor in preventing the spread of colds and viruses.

For more information, or to find out which toilet rentals come with sinks or hand sanitizers, you can call your recommended local rental company. They will be more than happy to help you find the ultimate fit for your personal needs.

Ashville, Alabama Portable Toilets

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Ashville Portable Toilets

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