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Additions for your Toilet Rental

In addition to renting portable toilets and rentable restrooms for your guests, workers, or whatever your needs may be, there are additional items and features that might be beneficial for you to invest in for your comfort.

The most important additional item that you can invest in is a sink or hand cleansing unit. Keeping hands clean and washing them after using the restroom is the number one way to prevent getting sick and to help you, your friends, and your family stay healthy. For this reason, you should consider renting a unit such as the recommended ones below—

Towelette Stand

* If you don’t have the time or money to pay for running water sinks you can very simply rent the towelette stand. This is a free standing feature that dispenses hand sanitizer sheets to your guests. With six different dispensers per stand it is great for a lot of use and a lot of guests. With over 1,000 sheets that can be dispensed it is perfect for any of your demanding needs. This stand is perfect for outdoor events, fairs, birthday parties, and even daycare. It can overall be rented for any of your needs and is a great addition for your portable toilet so your guests can stay feeling clean and happy.

The Hand Basin Sink

* If you are in need of a more sturdy hand washing unit then you should look into the hand basin sink. This gives your guests a great clean feeling with running water operated by a foot pump at the base along with two soap dispensers. With a large basin there is room for your guests to wash up to their forearms. Holding around 50 gallons of water inside, you will not have to worry about running out of water, or even finding a water source for it! While it is sturdy and can be tough enough for construction workers and their sites, it can also be used at outdoor events and parties as it is sleek in its design. It is the perfect companion to place next to your rentable toilets.

The Commercial Sink

* Another option that you have is the commercial grade sink. A large, stainless steel unit, this is the most durable and tough sink out there. With multiple basins and heavy duty stainless steel, you can rent this option for your daughter’s graduation party or even a large industrial site. It is so well designed that it even can be used for tough and heavy-duty cleaning of any type of instrument or appliance. It requires 100 volts of power and running water. However, if you do not have these available, you can rent a generator and water tank for extra money. This commercial sink is a perfect option for heavy duty usage and can be placed near any portable restroom.

Why You Should Rent a Sink along with your Portable Toilet

The most important and number one way to keep yourself, your family and your friends healthy is to wash your hands frequently. After using the restroom, coming home from work and especially before eating it is crucial to wash your hands. When you rent a portable toilet or restroom, it either comes with, or more likely, you have the option to rent a sink for you and your guests. If you cannot afford to rent additional sinks for your guests, make sure to get hand sanitizer to keep next to the portable bathrooms, as they are a major factor in preventing the spread of colds and viruses. For more information, or to find out which toilet rentals come with sinks or hand sanitizers, you can call your recommended local rental company. They will be more than happy to help you find the ultimate fit for your personal needs.


No matter what type of event you are planning, or how large of a construction site you have organized, you are going to need portable restrooms. These portable restrooms come in many styles and colors for any occasion. But while you are busy renting your portable toilets, don’t forget about the importance of the sinks or sanitizing stations. Whether it be your workers or your family members, it is crucial to keep your site or home sanitary.

Skwentna, Alaska Portable Toilets

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Skwentna Portable Toilets

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