Anvik Portable Toilets

With all of the construction in your backyard  in Anvik, Alaska. your workers are in desperate need of portable toilets.

But besides them, these rentals will also benefit you and your home! Rather than having your construction workers trekking through your home in their muddy and dusty shoes, wouldn’t it be much more preferable for them to have their own restrooms? This way, you won’t have to worry about having to stay home during the day to allow the workers to come into your house.

Overall, rentable toilets are a necessity in any construction project—so call your local rental company in Yukon Koyukuk County today.

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Portable Toilets Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What are different types of portable toilets?

* There is the standard porta-potty, which is a single stall and is seen in construction sites and at public events. These are the most mainstream and common type of rentable toilet on the market. There are also VIP type rentable toilets. Rather than seen at construction sites, these are used at parties, events, and other types of more formal uses. There are also trailers that contain multiple stalls. These are the nicest type and are seen at major events. With air conditioning, sinks, running water, these are the nicest of all portable restrooms.

How many uses can a portable toilet hold before it has to be emptied or cleaned?

* An average portable toilet can hold up to 90-100 uses. This will get about 10 construction workers through an entire workweek. But it will need to be emptied or cleaned every week if that is the usage you approximate will be used. For further details and information, call the rental company of your choice and they will be more than happy to help you decide what is best for your project.

Where is the waste disposed of?

* The different companies that you may rent from will all have slightly different ways of disposing of their waste. Depending on where you live, and where their storage location is it may vary, but the waste will be disposed of in the nearest waste water treatment plant that is designated to them.

What are some of the different rental times I could rent one for?

* This again will vary from rental company to rental company. On average, you can rent a portable toilet on a weekly, monthly, or even annual basis.

Is the delivery price included in my quote?

* This has a few variables. Depending on where you need the rental delivered to and the company you choose, you will have to ask them directly if the delivery price is included in your quote.

If I am having a large event or gathering, how will it stay clean and maintained?

* With the good quality that they come in, they will for the most part maintain themselves quite well. You might have to provide simple tasks such as checking the toilet paper, but that will be the extend of the upkeep that you will have to do.

Are there handicap accessible restrooms?

* Yes there are restrooms that are handicap accessible and many companies can provide these for you. They will come with a ramp to access the inside, a larger interior and can come equipped with any other specifications that you may require or ask for.

Are there air-conditioned rentable portable toilets?

* Yes, with different quality toilets available, there are indeed air-conditioned portable restrooms that you can rent. For special events that you may hold, we can get you in touch with rental companies that will provide you with air-conditioning and heat solely for the comfort of your guests.

Are there specific locations where portable toilets need to be placed?

* Luckily for you, portable toilets can be placed almost anywhere. To be safe it is always a good idea to talk to your rental company to see what they advise. Make sure to put your restroom close enough for your guests or construction workers to access it, but not too close as to where it may become unpleasant for people.

Can a porta-potty be rented and delivered in one day?

* The majority of rental companies will be able to provide same day service for you—however you may need to ask around a few companies just to make sure. However, if you are trying to rent more than one portable toilet you will have to order 48-72 hours in advance.

If I order toilets for an event, will they be hygienic?

* Completely hygienic. There are different types of rentable toilets, some meant for construction sites and others for events, parties and weddings. Just let your rental company know what you are going to need it for and they will help you with the rest.

My portable toilet got knocked over! Now what?

* If your Porta-Potty rental gets knocked or falls over, do not attempt to pick it up yourself. You will need to call your rental company and let them know ASAP and they will have a serviceman come immediately to clean up the mess and get you back on track.

Anvik, Alaska Portable Toilets

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Anvik Portable Toilets

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