Casa Grande Portable Toilets

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Portable Toilets Information

The single stall portable toilet is the most commonly seen and used. It is seen at construction sites, home renovations, outdoor events, and public locations. There are different types of these single restrooms, from standard to extravagant. The standard portable toilet is what you have probably seen the most. The rental companies that we will be providing for you in your area will have the best of these amenities. The standard single stall will have good ventilation, an interior lock, and a roomy interior for the users comfort. This standard rentable Porta-Potty is most commonly used for construction.

Besides individual rentable toilet stalls, there are also trailer restrooms that you can rent. While the name may sound confusing, the idea is simple. These are purely multiple stall restrooms. These can be found at larger events and are typically more visually appealing over the single stall rentable toilets. From ordinary bathrooms, to luxury restrooms, these trailer bathrooms have the ultimate atmosphere to make your guests feel like they are walking into an enclosed indoor, normal restroom.

Extra Rentable Items

At any event, there is a plethora of additional items that are available to rent to make your guests more comfortable. From the necessary to the obscure, almost all of your possible needs can be met with these rentals and options. Below are a few of these additional features or items…

The Baby Changing Station

While baby changing stations used to be considered an extravagance at certain events, they are now part of the mainstream. No longer do parents have to venture away to find a quiet and distant place to change their babies diaper, as these changing stations are available to rent for any occasion. These are a great addition to portable toilets as they can be placed next to each other and used one after the other.

Rather than having to worry about your guests changing their child’s diaper in public and offending other guests, they will happily and easily use the changing station to change the diaper and dispose of it properly.

With a large interior, there is plenty of room for both mother and child. It is also clean and sanitary, with a sink to wash your hands afterwards. With extra hooks on the walls, there is plenty of room for baby bags and purses.

The Mobile Urinal

At construction projects there are typically plenty of rentable toilets for workers to use. However, it can be faster and easier to also have mobile urinals in addition to the rentable bathrooms. These are small and compact, making it easy to move them around and place in even small crevices. With wheels attached on the base, feel free to move it wherever may seem necessary. Where portable toilets cannot be always placed in certain places, the mobile urinals are a great option for small spaces and anywhere out of the norm. 

Different Hand Washing Stations

There are a few different types of hand washing stations that are available to rent along with your portable toilet rental. By having these stations, your guests will feel cleaner and overall happier. Whether it for a wedding, block party, marathon, or even a festival, everyone will be happy to be able to sanitize their hands after using the portable restroom that is available.

There are a few different styles of hand washing stations, made to match the type of event you are having. The first is the special event station. This holds 20 gallons of freshwater and is hands free. It also comes with soap and paper towels. This option is grey and has a sleek design for use at more superior events.

On the other hand, if you are working or overlooking a construction site, you might want to look into another option called the portable construction sink. This blue plastic box-shaped sink is definitely for the construction site and not a wedding. It comes with a foot pump for hands-free usage and holds 40 gallons of water. This is perfect to sit aside a portable toilet or porta-potty rental as you can keep your workers sanitary during their hard days at work.


If you are in need of toilet rentals, restroom rentals, or even shower rentals, here at we can help you find the most affordable and most reliable company nearest to you. If you have any questions as to what you may need, give your chosen rental company a call and they can help you find the portable toilet rental that best fits all of your needs.

Casa Grande, Arizona Portable Toilets

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Casa Grande Portable Toilets

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