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Portable Toilets Information

The summer is the most popular time for the renting of portable toilets. Porta-Potty rental companies state that between Memorial Day and Labor Day they do at least 60 percent of their business. From backyard parties to outdoor weddings, there are extravagant portable restrooms for any type of occasion. Don’t believe that there can be a portable restroom for even the most expensive and fashionable wedding? Maybe this will change your mind—even the Clinton family rented out portable trailer restrooms for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Trailers for weddings can be as understated and simple or as extravagant as you wish to have. From a standard portable toilet, to clean and elegant restrooms, to trailer rentals that can cost upwards of $6,000 for a weekend, there is truly an option for every possible renter.

The Surprising Perks of the Portable Toilet Industry

The job of servicing, cleaning and sanitizing rentable toilets or Porta-Potties sounds like one of the most unappealing jobs to almost anyone. Using a tank and water vacuum, they take the time to first suck all of the waste out of the toilets. Then they have to pick up any leftover toilet paper or waste remnants. After this, the cleaners will power wash the walls and all of the surfaces. On an average day, these workers will wash up to 70 or 80 portable toilets. On the other hand, these workers earn at least $50,000 dollars a year.

Major portable toilet rental companies get some perks from their jobs. For example, some companies rent out to major celebrities and figures in the United Sates. From celebrities to prepping for extravagant parties in the Hamptons, the job is not always a dull one.

Why Should I Choose a Restroom Trailer?

* Whereas the portable toilet or porta-potty is convenient for quick and efficient use, it is not always the most beautiful environment. On the other hand, a restroom trailer will provide a more relaxing and more extravagant feel for your guests. Running water, air-conditioning and heat, porcelain seats, and interior lights will wow your guests into loving your portable toilet or trailer rental choice. If you are planning a special event or even a wedding, restroom trailers are great because they can fit long gowns comfortably, and guests can wash their hands and tidy up afterwards.
* On another note, restroom trailers also provide an important role in natural disasters and relief programs. They are great for multiple person use and are used in great quantities for these types of events.

What are the requirements for a restroom trailer?

* Depending on what type of rentable restroom trailer you choose there are going to be different requirements. With smaller trailers, only a garden hose and slight electricity is required. However, with larger trailers, you will need a fresh water supply and around 3 20-amp outlets. For more specific information, you will need to decide what size and type of restroom trailer you would like to rent. After that, call your local rental service and they will inform you on the exact requirements that you will need so you can be prepared.

Where do you recommend I place my portable toilet?

* You can place your rentable toilet in many places. There are mainly two requirements that are suggested by most rental companies. First of all, you should not put your rental on soggy ground or any extra soft surface where it can sink into the ground. This can cause for the toilet rental to sink or tilt as it sinks into the ground. Secondly, you must keep your toilet rental within 30-40 feet from your rental company’s truck. Remember, before your company picks up the restroom, it has to empty the contents by sucking the waste container dry. If the truck is too far away from the rentable toilet then the suction might not be strong enough. The last thing you want is a dirty porta-potty stuck in your backyard after a long event.

Are there handicap accessible restrooms?

* Yes there are restrooms that are handicap accessible and many companies can provide these for you. They will come with a ramp to access the inside, a larger interior and can come equipped with any other specifications that you may require or ask for.

Are there air-conditioned rentable portable toilets?

* Yes, with different quality toilets available, there are indeed air-conditioned portable restrooms that you can rent. For special events that you may hold, we can get you in touch with rental companies that will provide you with air-conditioning and heat solely for the comfort of your guests.

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