Amity Portable Toilets

With all of the construction in your backyard  in Amity, Arkansas. your workers are in desperate need of portable toilets.

But besides them, these rentals will also benefit you and your home! Rather than having your construction workers trekking through your home in their muddy and dusty shoes, wouldn’t it be much more preferable for them to have their own restrooms? This way, you won’t have to worry about having to stay home during the day to allow the workers to come into your house.

Overall, rentable toilets are a necessity in any construction project—so call your local rental company in Clark County today.

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Portable Toilets Information

Basic Information on Portable Toilets

The modern rentable restroom was invented by Michael Jaskierny in the 1960s; the portable toilet has gained both popularity and use as the decades continue. Used in construction, events, and even parties, these portable toilets are of the utmost convenience. Often referred to as “Porta-Potties” or “Porta-Johns”, these toilets are perfect for convenient bathroom usage.

With many different types of portable toilets, from single stalls to trailers to even marble counter topped details, there seems to be a different type of Porta-Potty for every occasion.

While typically only thought of as the single stall restrooms found outside ball parks or construction sites, many do not know of the vast variety of different types. Whether it is their convenience or their durability that makes them so appealing, the use of the portable toilet is on the rise.

The typical portable toilet rental is a single stall, a freestanding structure with light plastic walls. While this may be the image that pops into your mind—there are surprisingly many more different types than you could imagine. The standard toilet that you may imagine comes with a standard deodorizer and lockable door, for the comfort of the consumer. The standard Porta-Potty rental is 83 inches tall by 35 inches square.

An Unusual Use for Portable Toilets

While porta-potties may seem like they may only have one obvious function, they can actually be used for an alternate purpose.

In the recent years, with the major boom in the increase of marketing and advertising, these portable toilets have been used as billboards. They have, unusually enough, turned into a form of outdoor and public advertising, and much less expensive than renting a billboard.

While this form of advertising is not helpful on a rentable toilet that sits in your backyard, it is used in areas with high volume consumers, such as a ballgame parking lot, or basically any public area.

What are the Advantages of a Portable Toilet?

Since there are permanent outdoor toilets that can be installed, you may wonder why a portable toilet is a better option. Well, there are a few reasons why they are a more convenient and overall easier option for you.

The first reason that they are better than permanent toilets is because they are overall cleaner. Rentable portable toilets are guaranteed to be cleanly. While that may sound unconvincing, they by rule are emptied, cleaned, disinfected and deodorized weekly by the rental company. This will save money or time compared to cleaning your own outdoor bathroom or hiring a cleaning service.

Another plus about rentable toilets is that since they are movable, they can be placed anywhere, and can be relocated if necessary—as this is clearly impossible with permanent installed outdoor restrooms.

Next, portable toilets do not clog since they do not have a plumbing system. This will prevent you from having to try to clean and unclog dirty outdoor toilets. And while you may doubt that they are able to hold a significant amount of waste, they can actually hold enough sewage for up to ten people for an entire work week before having to be emptied.

What are the Downsides of Renting a Portable Toilet?

Because they do not have plumbing, they tend to smell more than a usual restroom. However, if it is cleaned properly and used properly, the smell should be diffused by the deodorizer. Another way to get around this problem is the chemicals used the basin. The smell reducing chemical is always blue, but turns green to show when it can no longer prevent odor. This is a way of knowing when you have your rental cleaned or emptied. While this is a downside to the rental of portable toilets, these chemicals and treatments are a way around it.

The chemical used to neutralize the smell of the waste is formaldehyde. This use of formaldehyde in portable toilets is a great way of making them almost as fresh as permanent and indoor bathroom.

Amity, Arkansas Portable Toilets

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Amity Portable Toilets

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