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Portable Toilets Information

The Single Portable Toilet

While the portable restroom, or the “Porta-Potty” used to be notorious for its filth and smell, with time, our recommended rental services have almost perfected the portable toilet. When you call a rental service they will question you about your use for it and what you will need it for.  

The single stall portable toilet is the most commonly seen and used. It is seen at construction sites, home renovations, outdoor events, and public locations. There are different types of these single restrooms, from standard to extravagant.

The standard portable toilet is what you have probably seen the most. The rental companies that we will be providing for you in your area will have the best of these amenities. The standard single stall will have good ventilation, an interior lock, and a roomy interior for the users comfort. This standard rentable Porta-Potty is most commonly used for construction.

A few notches above the standard rentable toilet there is one that has more amenities and is more fashionable. This kind of restroom will have more space, more light, and even fresh water for hand washing. This kind of rentable toilet may have solar panels to allow it to work without electrical wires and hookups. It will be sleeker and more appropriate for gatherings and parties. It will even have a foot pedal to turn the sink on without getting your hands dirty.

Some of the features that this type will come with are flushing, freshwater, a mirror, a sink with soap, a shelf for storage, and an outside occupancy indicator.

There are also rentable bathrooms that are a combination of both the fashion and style of the nicer Porta-Potty, but with the function of the classic single stall restroom. These have the sink, hand soap, and nice facilities, but are the option between the standard and the more deluxe option. With its sleek insides, this is also a great option for parties. The plus about this type of rentable toilet is that it is small and sleek, so it is convenient, but also contemporary and fashionable.

Work at a construction site and need the most versatile and tough rentable toilet available? In that case you are going to need maybe a different type of restroom. There is a particular type of Porta-Potty that you might need—it is often called the “High-rise” Portable Toilet. This specific toilet was created entirely for high-rise construction projects, as it is the most highly portable version available. With an extremely durable frame and a heavy-duty sling, it can be lifted into the air by crane and put almost anywhere. So if you don’t have time to wait for your workers to walk downstairs to use the bathroom, rent the “High riser” and you can save time by having a restroom near your workers at all times. Along with the strong frame and sling, this Porta-Potty rental has durable wheels on the bottom so it can be transported almost anywhere you could possibly need it.

Lastly, there is a rentable toilet that was built to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. This specific rentable toilet has a wide ramp and door, large enough for a wheelchair to enter the restroom. There are also safety bars surrounding the toilet, making it safer for anyone to sit down or switch from a wheelchair to the seat. The interior of this portable toilet is also very large, making it not only big enough, but easy for a wheelchair to turn around and exit easily.

Overall, compliant with the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, this portable toilet is the most efficient for anyone with a physical disability, in a wheelchair, or the elderly. With a large ramp, interior safety bars, and extra roomy interior, this is the ultimate portable restroom for a family event when you know your elderly grandparents are attending.

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