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Dumpster Rental Information

How many uses could a roll-off dumpster possibly have?

If you imagine all of the hundreds of thousands of renovation, construction, and demolition projects done within the United States every year—think of all of the dumpsters needed for all of that waste!

Now besides all of the residential and commercial construction, add on top of that all of the garden, basement, and garage cleanouts done per year! The rate at which dumpsters are needed is absurdly high!

So while you may think that a roll-off dumpster may not be needed in a vast amount of circumstances, think again.

* Large household cleanouts and redecoration
* Trash removal projects
* Spring cleaning
* Home foreclosures
* Estate cleanouts
* Moving in OR out of a home
* Remolding projects
* Reroofing
* New floors installed
* And more!

Now that you realize you will probably encounter one of these circumstances within the next year even, start thinking about finding a dumpster rental company today!

When you are looking at different dumpster rental companies, keep these important factors in mind…

You are going to have to look at how long they are renting their dumpsters to you for. If you are unaware of their policies, you will end up with late fees and overdue waste!

You are also going to have to find out how many tons (and what type of materials) are allowed in the dumpster. If you leave hazardous materials, or even everyday materials that cannot be discarded of, you will either have to pay extra, or remove it all by hand—neither of which are preferable.

You are also going to want to contact your rental company to find out about any other fees that may apply. For example, make sure that delivery is included, as well as other important parts of the deal.

Contributing factors that can impact the price of your dumpster rental

Whereas the size and weight of a dumpster are clear in affecting the price of your rental, there are other small factors that you might not even think of!

One important aspect of the price of your rental is that every area and local landfill has a different fee. Every state (and city for that matter) has a different fee for their recycling centers. So hypothetically, you live in a city with high rates for dumping centers; your overall price will most likely be higher.

Another aspect of the process that can affect your price is the delivery address that you will give the hauler. Depending on how far, or close, you live to a landfill, the price will vary. For example, if you live quite far from the closest dump, landfill or recycling center, your overall price will most likely be higher.

Can a dumpster be placed anywhere, or are there special requirements?

A dumpster cannot simply be placed anywhere. There are space requirements that need to be fulfilled. There normally needs to be at least 70 feet of space in front of where you are planning on putting the dumpster so the drop-off truck will be able to deliver it to you. Remember, you do not want your dumpster crammed into a tight spot, because you are going to have to have room to be able to lift, carry and throw large objects into the dumpster. Lastly, you will need to have at least 30 feet for truck clearance so the roll-off can be safely delivered. Telephone wires, electric cords, and small trees with overhanging branches can all make it either difficult or impossible for the haulers to do their jobs—so make sure that you have the proper amount of space beforehand.

Will this dumpster installation damage my property or driveway, even if it is temporary?

Almost all dumpster rental companies will suggest that you protect your driveway (or wherever you are placing your dumpster) and take cautions in advance.

The most common advice given is to put down a piece of plywood, around 4’ x 8’ on the ground where you are planning to place the roll-off. This is help to prevent your driveway from cracking or becoming damaged.

However, as it depends on the company, you will most likely not be reimbursed for any damage that occurs, whether on your lawn, pavement, road, etc. The customer will assume all liabilities if damage is to occur, although it is uncommon.

Arab, Alabama Dumpster Rental

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Arab Dumpster Rental

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