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Topnotch junk removal at your fingertips

From confused homeowners, to contractors who have been renting roll-off dumpsters for years, we have all of the best quality (and most affordable) dumpsters available to recommend to you. With all of our haulers prescreened, we are confident that we are bringing you the hardest workers, the best customer service, and most importantly, the most affordable price.

Using our website, check out the haulers nearest to you, and begin to compare their prices and qualities. While you truly can’t go wrong with any of our recommended haulers, you are going to need to make a decision and start your project by calling them.

Our recommended services will provide you with dumpsters of all different sizes for all sorts of construction projects, garage cleanouts, and large-scale industrial demolition. With rentable dumpsters, toilets, fences and more—we can guarantee that we can help you with whatever your project may be.

When you call them you will describe the project that you are working on, and they will get the ball rolling on your newest residential or commercial project! Start your new exciting project today.

How do I determine the best sized dumpster to rent for my personal needs?

Picking out what sized dumpster you need to rent may seem very intimidating, as knowing how heavy and how much debris you have will is not an easy task. Luckily, once you have found a hauler that you feel comfortable with, they can help you throughout the way.

Rental companies and haulers have been trained to help you calculate and figure out the best option for you when it comes to not only pricing, but also the correct sized dumpster that you will need.

When you call your dumpster rental company they are going to listen to everything you have to say. Even if you barely know what you’re doing, or how much junk you even want to remove from your garage, they can help you assess the situation.

Some materials are heavier than others, thus needing a bigger dumpster. This is something that the average person would not normally know, as it is normal to people to assume you just fill the container to the top. It is a factor such as this that will affect what size of dumpster rental you will want to use.

But if you haven’t decided to follow through with renting a dumpster quite yet, here are some tips that can help you figure out what each size dumpster is typically used for—

10 yard dumpsters will hold 10 cubic yards of waste. They are typically used in residential construction or small demolition projects. Besides these, they are also used for household, yard, garage, basement, and attic cleanouts.

20 yard dumpsters will hold 20 cubic yards of waste. While this is vague and is of not much help, they are used for slightly larger projects. These projects include larger construction and demolition projects, renovations, and more major construction.

30 yard dumpsters will hold 30 cubic yards of waste. These are optimal for a full-scale home addition, renovation, demolition, or major construction.

40 yard dumpsters are the largest size available, and they hold 40 yards of cubic waste. This size is basically only recommended for large commercial projects, brand new construction, and major renovations.

What am I allowed to put into my dumpster?

For the most part, the majority of items that you wish to dispose of WILL be able to be thrown out in your container. But at the same time, there are some items that will NOT allowed to be discarded of within your roll-off.

To make it easier for you, we have created a list of items that are and aren’t allowed:

Accepted Debris:

* Normal household trash and debris
* Yard supplies, tree branches, tree stumps, tree limbs
* Planks of wood and wooden crates
* Cardboard sheets and cardboard boxes
* Metals
* Garage debris, clean pipes
* Roofing debris/ shingles/ sheetrock/ bricks/ dirt/ sand but only allowed in 20 yard dumpster for weight reasons. The truck must be able to lift it, so can’t be a larger dumpster. The container must also be filled ¾ of the way high so there is no spillage and to make sure it can be lifted by the truck.

Not Accepted:

* Tires
* Batteries
* Paint
* Special waste
* Fluorescent lights
* Liquids or anything that will spill into the container
* Any item containing Freon
* Mattress box springs
* Asbestos
* Any biohazards
* No medical waste

Remember, if you ever have any questions about what else could be placed in the dumpster, call your rental company! They will happily give you a list of accepted and non-accepted items.  It is easier to know up front rather than to have to empty it later when it won’t be accepted!

Muscle Shoals, Alabama Dumpster Rental

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Muscle Shoals Dumpster Rental

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