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Dumpster Rental Information

The importance of a dumpster

While a cleanout, construction, demolition, or renovation project is underway, nothing is more convenient than having a dumpster rental available for quick and efficient trash and junk removal. This is true especially for the larger projects with large quantities of debris.

During these big projects, or even spring cleaning, having a dumpster available makes everything much more convenient. Here at, we understand that—that is why our mission is to give our customers the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable trash haulers locally. Although we work nationwide to provide services to anyone in need, we understand the importance of local businesses. That is why we will provide you with information about the best and most recommended trash haulers and dumpster rental companies in your town or city.

Dumpsters are large enough to handle vast amounts of waste. No matter how large or small your renovation or demolition is, your local haulers will have the ultimate dumpster for your unique project. A rentable dumpster is arguably the most important part of home repairs or construction—not to mention commercial construction sites too!

Remember, as mentioned earlier on the site, if you are planning on placing your rentable dumpster on the street or the cub near your cleanup site, you may need a permit. Is it crucial that prior to renting a dumpster you get a permit from your local municipality so you are not breaking any town laws or regulations.

Also, dumpsters come in multiple different sizes; this can be especially tricky for first time renters. With these multiple sizes come different fees. But it is crucial NOT to pick a dumpster based on price. You are going to need to find a dumpster that fits your needs, weight capacity, and the materials you are disposing of. Call any of your local haulers to see which size they recommend for your particular project. It is important not to pick a dumpster size based on the price, because if you try to overfill a less expensive smaller dumpster, you will end up having to pay overages for extra tonnage.

While ordering or renting a dumpster may seem overwhelming, it is the most efficient way to clear your yard and home of debris and clutter. From construction sites to removing old household furniture, these large containers are there to help you dispose of your unwanted and broken appliances and materials, not to mention bricks, stones, and other debris.

When I order a dumpster, will there be space limits and/or requirements for placement?

Yes, there will be space requirement for every dumpster rental, no matter what hauler you ultimately choose. When you call to order your dumpster, your local hauler will go over this information with you, but here are a few basic rules that are common between all haulers for the most part.

When the dumpster is dropped into position, the truck needs to have room to deliver it. Because of this, most rental companies will tell you to choose a location with at least 60 feet of room in front of it for it to be placed and so that the truck can drop it off properly.

Besides the truck needing space to deliver, you will also be told to choose a location with a few feet of room on all sides of the container. This part is for your own convenience. When you are loading your debris, furniture, tree limbs etc. into your dumpster, you are going to need a few feet around the rental so you can throw your materials into it. You will need this space all around the dumpster, as you cannot just throw all the junk in from one specific location, as one tall pile will start, and the dumpster will not be properly or equally loaded. And unfortunately, if your dumpster is not properly loaded, you will have to refill it correctly before the haulers will take it away.

You will also need to make sure that you have at least 30 feet above the dumpster so the truck can place it down. When the roll-off truck delivers it, it not only need the 60 feet to back in, but it needs 30 feet above it, because when it is dropping off the container, it lifts the dumpster on an extreme angle so it rolls off the truck. Within these 30 feet above, you are going to need to make sure you have no overhanging tree branches or electric wires, as both could cause dangerous problems or could stop the truck from being able to deliver the dumpster at all.

So, remember—60 feet for the truck to backup so it can deliver, 30 feet in the air with no overhangs so the dumpster can be raised to roll off, and a few feet on all sides so you can throw your junk into it. If you follow these rules, you will be in the clear for a perfect dumpster location.

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