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If you need to rent a dumpster for home waste removal, or even a mass commercial construction site, simply call our personal sales team—you can be our next customer in in Spanish Fort, Alabama.

Our sales team will not only listen to all of the aspects your individual project, but they will help you to determine the best strategy and size dumpster to fit all of your needs.

With exceptional customer service, and low prices, what is stopping you? Call us to speak with a representative today for all your needs around Baldwin County.

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Dumpster Rental Information

The Best Junk Removal Around

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the dumpster and waste removal business, or a homeowner trying to clean out the junk from your garage, basement and yard—we can help you.

Just one simple phone call to any of our reliable, pre-screened haulers, and they will get you well on your way to finding out the best options for you. With so many options for trash haulers, you can’t go wrong, and they will help you find the best size and fit for you and your own individual project.

While it is not only convenient and easy to work with these haulers, it is also extremely affordable, as we only offer the best companies to provide you with first-rate service. With our high standards we only work with the most proficient and plausibly priced haulers. Our customer’s satisfaction is our guarantee, and we would never risk that by offering untrustworthy or expensive companies for you to work with.

So look no further for your dumpster rental needs, as we are the best way for you to find the perfect fit for you. What more could you want than a safe, pre-screened hauler, known for punctuality, and at a low cost? Absolutely nothing—so start with one of them today.

Unaccepted Materials

While the majority of items you are going to be disposing of will be allowed in your dumpster, there are certain items that will not be allowed to be disposed of.

Some of these items are:

* Tires
* Batteries
* Paint
* Special Waste
* Fluorescent lights
* Liquids
* Anything with Freon in it
* Mattress box springs
* Asbestos
* Any biohazards  or medical waste

Things to watch out for when searching for a hauler!

The main thing to look out for when finding a company to use is to make sure that they are not a broker. These brokers will pretend that they are a local company, trying to convince you that they have the best prices and your best interest at heart. But they really just will end up costing you more and sneaking more money out of you. When you rent a dumpster from a TRULY local company, there are no add-ons and additional charges. Unfortunately, when people fall for these brokers, they will charge you an extra 10-15% as you have to pay both the local company, and the national broker that made you believe that they were local.

Besides having to pay additional charges, people often find poor customer service and late pickups and deliveries. These stem from a lack of communication from the broker and local company near you. Besides just risking untimely drop offs, you might even end up with the wrong sized dumpster. With miscommunication and sometimes no communication at all frequently prevalent, national brokers are clearly not the way to go.

For this reason, it is important to use your local dumpster rental companies directly, as you will end up with exactly what you asked for. It is local, trustworthy companies like these that you will find here with us.

Why are some dumpsters much more expensive than others? What are the variables that can change the price?

It is obvious that all different dumpster rental companies will have different prices and different up-front rates. While the differences may not be vast, they are still there. So in your search to find your ideal rental company, it is necessary to look at all of the prices that will make up for final price, as certain variables can greatly change from company to company.

By looking at certain variables, you can be sure to find the best overall deal.

The majority of companies that you will be looking at will have a set price for drop-off and pick-up. With this set price, you will have a certain number of days that you will be able to use it for, and a certain number of tons that you are allowed to fill the dumpster with. However, some companies will charge you for delivery separately—so you should look out for that when trying to find your quoted price.

One variable that may change the price of your rental may be if you need the dumpster rental longer than the standard time limit, or longer than you originally asked for. On average, the longer you hold onto the dumpster, the higher the fee.

The second main factor that will most definitely alter the cost of your rental is weight. With each size dumpster, whether 10, 20, 30 or 40 yards, they each have a weight limit that you cannot ignore. If you do choose to fill the dumpster with more weight than intended, extra charges will apply. With some companies, and depending on the material, you will be asked to unload a portion of the dumpster. With others, you will have the choice of paying a fee. Normally you pay a certain amount per ton that you are over. This varies from company to company and the landfill that is located nearest to you.

So when trying to find the best rate for your needs, keep these factors in mind. If you take both the weight limit and the time limit into consideration, you will not have to worry about extra charges, as you will be able to predict your quote from the start1

Spanish Fort, Alabama Dumpster Rental

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Spanish Fort Dumpster Rental

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