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Dumpster Rental Information

Renting a dumpster, or a “roll-off,” is an extremely important part of any home renovation or construction project. While it may seem like a stressful job to choose the most reliable and affordable dumpster rental companies around, will make it easy for you.

Just enter your city or zip code, and our website will give you the top recommended and best dumpster rental services locally for you. Here at, we understand the importance of local businesses, and that is why we recommend only the best, most efficient, and most importantly, locally owned rental companies nearest to you.

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Let’s Talk About Dumpsters

Rental dumpsters are often referred to as “roll-offs” as they simply roll off the back of the delivery truck. It shows how they are very portable and meant for temporary use. They are rectangular in size and usually have wheels so that they can be placed in the perfect spot for the consumer. They have no lid, and are used to throw junk and waste in to over a short period of time.

These dumpsters are often used in construction projects, either at home or at a large commercial project. They can hold a variety of different types of waste and the different sizes that they come in correlate to what kind of site they are being used at.

The waste that they will hold will most likely come from a house demolition or construction, or perhaps even the demolishment of a major shopping mall. They are temporary rentals that are filled, and then the entirety of the dumpster will be picked up and driven away once the project is complete. The debris will be disposed of either at a landfill, a dump, or a recycling center depending on the location of the pick-up and the material inside of the roll-off.

These massive containers come in a few different sizes, ranging from 10-yards to 40-yards. Each different size is meant for a different purpose, job, or to hold different materials (in order to learn more about sizes, check out the page on our site where we describe the size options). Dumpsters are measured in cubic-yards and that is how the trash weight limit is determined.

If you order a roll-off, you will have it delivered by a large truck, so you will need about 60 feet of space in front of the area where you would like to have the dumpster located. The truck will slowly lower the roll-off into your desired location—but remember to place a large piece of plywood underneath the dumpster, as it helps to prevent your driveway from cracking). Not only will this piece of plywood protect your driveway from cracking, but it will also save it from getting large scrapes and scratches. Most haulers will tell you this information, but if they don’t, you know now!

If you do not want to place your rental on your driveway or lawn, you can ask your local municipality whether you are allowed to store it on the street temporarily. The answer is usually no, but depending on the location, you might get lucky! Most cities will require you to receive a permit to store your dumpster on the street. But remember, you will want to keep it where it is most convenient for the construction or demolition—the street might be too far away if you have a long driveway!

There are indeed certain items that cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. Some of these items are any material containing Freon, hazardous materials, tires, etc.

The other kind of dumpster besides a roll-off is a commercial dumpster. These commercial dumpsters can be found behind restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes etc. Rather than the temporary “roll-off” dumpster, these are more permanent. They have a lid and are used as a sort of large trash can. They are emptied on a routine basis, perhaps weekly or monthly.

Now that you know the difference between these two major types of dumpsters, and all about the roll-off, contact one of your local haulers today!

Scottsdale, Arizona Dumpster Rental

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Scottsdale Dumpster Rental

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