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Dumpster Rental Information

Before filling your dumpster, make sure that the items you are disposing of are allowed to be discarded in the dumpster. After all, there is a list of dos and don’ts for what you can and can’t throw away in your roll-off. While it may seem inconvenient, it is for the safety of both the workers and yourself. This is a basic list of what can and cannot be disposed of in a rentable dumpster, but there may be slight changes from hauler to hauler.

Items that are Commonly Accepted:

* Metals
* Copper
* Aluminum
* Wood and Brush
* Tree stumps
* Clean out debris
* Brick and Block from construction
* Most household appliances
* Cement (hardened)
* Construction debris and waste
* Demolition debris and waste
* Reasonably sized furniture

Items that are NOT Accepted by Most Companies

* Batteries
* Cleaning solvents
* Harsh chemicals
* Poisons
* Asbestos
* Dead animals
* Paint
* Varnish
* Paint thinner
* Hazardous chemicals
* Anything radioactive
* Food
* Tires
* Any type of liquid
* Anti-Freeze
* Anything remotely flammable

Before strictly following this list, make sure to find out the exact list from your dumpster rental company so you don’t run into any problems during pick-up.

What about recycling?

Once again, as there are hundreds of local dumpster rental companies which we can recommend across the United States, there are differences with all of them. But for the most part, they all act and have similar rules they follow.

So what about recycling? This is a good question, and many of the eco-friendly users out there might be a little more curious about this. Again, this depends on the exact hauler you are using—so if you really care about the environment, call around to see which hauler meets your wishes!

After picking up a haul, the dumpster will either be emptied at a landfill, a dump, or a recycling center depending on the material it contains. Items that can be recycling will usually be picked out.

Typical items that can be recycled are:

* Yard debris such as tree stumps, shrubs, wood, branches, etc.  These can all be ground down into mulch and organic materials to be used again in the future.
* Dirt taken from your property will be reused as soil in other locations where it is needed.
* Surprisingly, even concrete can be recycled! It can be broken down and ground, thus making it usable for future building projects.
* Metals can all be melted down and reused again easily!

While these recyclables will all go on to better use, the leftover debris will be brought to landfills and dumps. So remember, if you are particularly inclined to care about recycling and taking care of the planet—call your different local haulers and see which one treats its junk the way you would like them to!

Questions you may have…

People often wonder how much waste they can store in their dumpster. For each size there is a tonnage allowance that cannot be exceeded. But this can be hard to determine if you are not used to dealing with construction. An example: if you are filling a dumpster with concrete, you can only fill it about halfway before it exceeds the weight limit. Make sure that you do not exceed the weight limit, as you will have to pay an overage, or you might even be instructed to remove some of the debris.

Most companies will tell you the weight tonnage for each sized dumpster up front. If they don’t, make sure you ask because this is important and can save you from having to pay extra. Usually, any small bit of weight over the limit will raise the fee. With some companies though, there is a flat rate for overages. So if you fear that this may happen to you—make sure you know what your chosen hauler’s limit and tonnage allowance is.

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