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Dumpster Rental Information

Frequently asked Questions

What are the different container sizes?

* The typical container sizes are anywhere from 10 yards to 40 yards. Most dumpster rental companies will have these sizes—however not all will. It is best if you call the local haulers in your area to see what services they provide.

How much can I put in my container?

* This also will vary from company to company, but it depends on what you are loading into your dumpster. For example heavier roofing shingles will most definitely need a larger dumpster (or multiple) than a smaller roofing project. You will be recommended not to load it more than 3/4ths of the way full. If items and debris are hanging out of the top of the container, you will be asked to remove them and to refill it to fit the proper criteria. If you have specific questions, call the local hauler that you have chosen to understand their rules and regulations.

What if I have hazardous material or items that are too big for my container?

* It is best to be in touch directly with your chosen hauler. They will be able to help you understand their exact rules and regulations. You may need another dumpster if your weight limit exceeds the allowed weight of the dumpster you have already rented. However, hazardous materials are a little more complicated. Contact your local representative to find out how to dispose of these objects, as they are typically not allowed in the container.

Will I be allowed to keep my dumpster on the street?

* This will depend on where you live. You will have to check with your local municipality. Maybe you will need a permit, or perhaps you won’t be able to leave it on the street at all. Either way, your local rental company will be happy to work with you and to find space in your driveway or yard to leave the dumpster rental.

Are there any items that are restricted from being disposed of in my rentable dumpster?

* Yes. There is a good sized list of materials that are toxic or simply not allowed into the container. While each company may have a slight variation from the next, for the most part, the lists will be almost identical. Call your local hauler today to make sure that you can dispose of your waste in the proper way to make it more efficient for you.

To rent a dumpster today, order online at— where you can find whatever you are looking for. Our affordable services will be able to provide you with locally owned and operated dumpster rental services. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We promise to treat each and every customer not only with respect, with to treat them all as individuals—as no two projects are alike.

We work nationwide to find the best and most reliable haulers in every state, town, and even neighborhood. Wherever you live, you can find a recommendation from us.

While the majority of items you are going to be disposing of will be allowed in your dumpster, there are certain items that will not be allowed to be disposed of.

Some of these items are:

* Tires

* Batteries

* Paint

* Special Waste

* Fluorescent lights

* Liquids

* Anything with Freon in it

* Mattress box springs

* Asbestos

* Any biohazards or medical waste

Our haulers will not only drop-off your rental for you, but they will pick up whenever if most convenient for you. They will work intricately with your schedule to make sure everything is expedient and most suitable for you.

With both residential and commercial services available, you can find what is most fitting for your project.

Commercial Dumpster Rental Services:

* Construction cleanup

* Demolition cleanup

* Concrete removal

* Roofing removal

* Tree, bush, and brush removal

* Recycling removal

* Office cleanout

* Apartment cleanout

* Daily, Weekly, or monthly rentals.

Residential Dumpster Rental Services:

* Home  cleanups

* Garage cleanouts

* Basement cleanouts

* Yard cleanups

* Debris pickup

* Special events

* Natural Disaster cleanup and assistance

* Tree, bush, and brush removal

* Recycling removal

* Household renovation

* Household demolition

* Household construction

* Almost anything!          

Kwethluk, Alaska Dumpster Rental

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