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About Dumpsters.net

Here at Dumpsters.net, we work hard to supply our customers with the best dumpster rental and junk removal around. Not only are we a nationwide company, but we direct our customers to the best rental services in their towns—all locally.

We understand the importance of local work. Supporting your community and having the best customer service are two of the best factors of local businesses.

Dumpsters.net works endlessly to provide our customers with the best dumpster rental services. Not only do we find you the absolute best customer service and timely workers, but also at the most affordable prices.

Here, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the answers to the problems, their needs, as well as an easy and efficient process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to order my dumpster or roll-off?

* You will need to order your rental at least a day before, so you can allow for processing time. This might also depend on the hauler you are dealing with, so to make sure, call the local hauler of your choice and find out their rules.

Is a last minute delivery possible?

* While you typically need a day or two for your order to process, in some cases you will be able to ask for an emergency last minute delivery. This will depend on the hauler that you are working with, as some might have more leniencies than others with timing. It will also depend on your location, as you might be able to be fit into a schedule more easily if you are closer to one of the haulers.

Will there be an around-the-clock emergency dumpster service I can use?

* This is highly unlikely, but again will depend on your location and what hauler you decide to work with. Call around to different local haulers offered on Dumpsters.net to see which one best fits your needs.

Can I change my order? What about canceling one?

* Yes, you can cancel or change an order. The policies will be different between the different hauling companies though. It is important to have your order number or receipt available when going through this process, and be warned that a cancellation fee may apply.

What if a roll-off gets dropped off and my junk won’t fit in it?

* It is crucial that prior to ordering your container that you look at the size chart on our website to make sure that you are ordering the proper sized dumpster. If you still are confused or don’t know what you need, contact your local hauler and they will be more than happy to assist you in deciding on a size for your project.

Will it cost me extra if I put too much junk in my dumpster and it exceeds the weight limit?

* Yes, your dumpster should not exceed the weight limit that it is intended for. If you exceed this limit, then you will be charged additional fees. This is why it is important to rent a dumpster that can fit all of your junk properly, rather than trying to fit it all into a smaller sized one!

This process seems expensive—what does this price include?

* When you rent a dumpster from one of your local haulers, you will be paying for a delivery, a pick-up, the size dumpster that you rented, fuel, taxes, and what the landfill or dump will charge them.

Can I leave store my dumpster on the street?

* In order to leave your dumpster on your street, you are going to need to check with your local township or municipality. In some cases it will be perfectly acceptable; in others you might need a permit to leave it there.

If I need a permit, how can I get one? Who is responsible for obtaining it?

* Whoever is renting the container is responsible for obtaining the permit. You can ask your local municipality or can be found online.

What are the different container sizes that I can choose from?

* While all haulers may have varying sizes of dumpsters—they usually are the same. These sizes are 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 yard roll-offs. In order to decide what size you need you can find on our website a list of what each size is best used for.

Will my driveway be damaged after it is hauled away?

* Most haulers will agree and recommend that you place an 8’ x 4’ piece of plywood down prior to the installation of the dumpster. By being placed on this piece of plywood, it will reduce the chances of your driveway being damaged. However, in the unfortunate circumstance that something does happen to your driveway, your local hauler will not be responsible for the damage.

Fairbanks, Alaska Dumpster Rental

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Fairbanks Dumpster Rental

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