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About Fuel Surcharges

You may wonder what a fuel surcharge is, or how it affects you in your waste removal process. A fuel surcharge is what companies add on to their final quote. This add-on is the price of the fuel usage based on the mileage of the job you need done. This price is overall determined by individual companies, but is overall tracked by the Department of Energy and gives national averages. A fuel surcharge is an additional charge that applies when you need to pay for fuel prices for your waste removal job.

These fuel surcharges are very important for several reasons. First of all, they help show customers where their money is going. As the years go on, the price of fuel has also been increasing at a steady rate. So when a trucking company (such as a waste removal or trash collection service) starts to have to pay more for their price of fuel, they have a few decisions they have to make.

Their first option is just to raise their price altogether. While this is a very reasonable option, customers can sometimes be deterred from their regular company if they suddenly have higher prices. Luckily, there are fuel surcharges. If a trucking company decides to use fuel surcharges, their customers may have a different response when they get their bill. Rather than seeing that the price of the work has gone up, they can see that the company’s original price is the same, however, as the price of fuel nationwide has gone up, it only makes sense for them to pay more for the fuel that their service is using on their work.

This is great for customers, as it makes their waste removal company completely transparent and they can understand exactly what they are paying for. There is another positive that comes along with fuel surcharges besides company transparency. When a customer sees the dramatic increase in the price of fuel and how it affects their company, it educates them and makes them understand how the increase in fuel prices is affecting all different aspects of our modern world, and not just the money they put towards their car’s gas.

Here at we are dedicated in getting you in contact with waste removal and trash collection companies that have the absolute best prices. We are steadfast in our mission to find the absolute best waste management system for you and your needs. In order for you to understand about pricing, it is crucial that you understand the fuel surcharges associated with waste removal companies and any other trucking companies.

Why Fuel Surcharges?

Because there is the constantly changing price of fuel; trucking companies, which include waste removal companies, have to alter their prices occasionally to make sure that they are getting the correct prices for their work.

This fuel charge helps to keep up with this constantly changing amount, and it keeps customers happy as their waste removal company has complete transparency in their billing process. Another positive about these surcharges is that by keeping your waste removal and waste management company up with the modern costs of fuel, they will be able to make sure that you will continue to get the best services possible.

You deserve the highest quality of workers and services, and by understanding your company’s increasing fuel prices, you will recognize that it is not just them trying to raise their prices for increased salaries. What the modern world has to understand is that when the price of fuel, gas, diesel, and other energy sources rise, this affects many aspects of our lives.

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