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Let’s Talk About Single Stream Recycling

Recycling is one of the most important aspects of waste removal, as it allows for old materials to be reused and recreated into something else. Because of this, the depletion of natural resources is greatly slowing down. Within the last twenty five years, the amount of materials being recycled is on the upswing. While this may be partly because of people becoming more aware of the environment, that is not the major reason.

Recycling used to be frustrating for people, as they had to work with source separation recycling. With source separation recycling, people had to take the time to separate all of their own materials at their home or place of work prior to being taken away. If certain materials were mixed together with other materials, they would be deemed unrecyclable and could not be used. This was the major problem with source separation recycling: It was inconvenient for people to use, therefore leading to a decline in the amount of unrecycled goods. Once waste management facilities started realizing that this was the problem, they found a way to illuminate it all together; this is how single stream recycling became the norm.

Single stream recycling is much simpler than source separation recycling. Rather than having to separate all of your recyclable goods from each other, such as plastic from glass and cardboard from paper, you just have to have two trash cans—one for trash, and one for recycling. This means that homeowners and business owners do not need put any extra effort into the process. Because it is so easy, much more of the population is participating and recycling.

When people use single stream recycling they simply use one bin for garbage and the other for glass and plastics; then it is placed on the curb for pickup. You may wonder how the recycling plant then separates them all, and this is where it gets tricky (and why waste management plants tried to avoid this process in the first place).

After picking up the materials, they are taken to a MRF, or a Material Recovery Facility. This facility is a highly efficient and has great sorting mechanisms. There are magnets to grab metals, sorting by human hand, as well as sensors and blades to separate other materials. This process if highly effective and fast; after everything is sorted they are baled and sold to recycling plants and other industries. 

Another way in which recycling is being promoted is that waste removal companies are now giving out recycling bins that are just as large as trash bins. This encourages people to recycle more as they can fit more into their bin. Trash trucks sometimes are sent out in twos, one for recycling and one for trash, but sometimes they send out just one truck with a divider for the two separate items. By sending out one truck, people don’t have to bring their trash and recycling down to the curb on different days, so it makes it much more convenient to bring them both down, and have them both emptied on the same day. With all of these different ways to quietly push people to start to recycle more; it has actually worked, as within the last twenty five years there has been a dramatic increase.  

The Good Parts of Single Stream Recycling

* Having all recyclable materials in one container makes it much easier and convenient for people to recycle, making them more willing to do it. With this, there is a great increase.
* With large recycling bins, people can recycle more goods than before.

Some Negative Aspects of Single Stream Recycling

* Sometimes items become contaminated by those mixed in with it, and they have to be thrown out.
* When these items are thrown out they have lost some or all of their value.

But, while some items may not be able to be recycled because of slight contamination, there is still a much higher percentage of materials being recycled in the first place, so it doesn’t matter quite so much. All in all, if you have recyclable items, simply get a second trashcan for recycling and you can help better the environment around you and help slow the depletion of natural resources.

Jber, Alaska Waste Removal

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Jber Waste Removal

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