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Composts: One of the Most Important Outcomes of Waste Management

There are many different types of composts which are used in different settings and for different types of materials. In general, the term compost refers to organic waste that has been decomposed down to its lowest state. This decomposed material is used as fertilizer and nourishment for soil.

The compost process takes a while, as you have to wait for your debris to fully decompose down into the fertilizer that it ultimately becomes. The composted material is great for agriculture and even for small gardening projects. It deeply enriches the soil, making the ground healthier and much more suitable for growth as it is extremely rich in nutrients. Sometimes it is even used as a naturally made pesticide. Think all of the organic waste that is thrown away in landfills and burned in incinerators; now imagine if all of that was put in composts instead. Not only would it take up less room in landfills but it would majorly benefit the agricultural society.

Compost is one of the most important ingredients in farming. And fortunately, it is a relatively easy thing to make. While waste management companies find ways to make it in mass production, many people make it at home or at their agricultural site. There are four main ingredients that are needed in order for a compactor to work effectively.

* First, there is water. There has to be the right amount of water in order to help with decomposition, but not too much that it depletes the waste from oxygen.
* Next there is oxygen. This works with the carbon that is mixed in with the debris and inside of the compost pile.
* There is carbon. The carbon produces energy and when mixed with oxygen, heat is produced which helps with the decomposition process.
* Lastly, there is nitrogen. The nitrogen helps organisms grow which also helps further decompose the materials.

Composts need to have a perfect balance of these materials, as if they are remotely off, your waste will either dry out too fast or cause other problems. However, when you succeed in finding a great balance, your organic waste will easily break down and produce great compost for your soil.

What are the Different Uses of Composts?

There are many uses for composts. The most commonly known use is as a soil additive or fertilizer. It supplies great amounts of nutrients to your soil, and it also can be used as a natural pesticide. When mixed in with soil it holds in moisture which gives vegetation the opportunity to flourish.

Compost stations can be found at major waste management sites, and even in backyards as you can set up your own compost for your garden or yard (not to mention it’s a great way to get rid of old food and organic waste).

By using composted materials in your gardens, yards, and agricultural sites, you are getting rid of seeds of weeds and other vegetation that is unwanted.

What is the Importance of Composting?

With yard debris and leftover food waste removed from your home, it can be recycled and used in different ways to help the environment. Organic waste such as old food, yard debris, and other natural materials, are all some of the most frequently discarded of types of debris nationwide. These items can be put in composts where they can break down and yield a great reward. You might wonder what these decaying items would be used for, but they actually have a great impact on the agricultural society as well as the environment. These decayed pieces of debris are crucial in soil enrichment as they have a comparable effect as manure which enriches soil.

And excluding composts, there are other ways to take advantage of yard debris. Take wood and tree limbs for example. These can be chipped down into small pieces, yielding woodchips. While woodchips may seem very unimportant, they are actually used for heating. Imagine how much less oil could be burned if you could burn woodchips instead. 

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