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Single Stream Recycling

First of all, before we can get into why single stream recycling has had such a hugely beneficial effect on the entirety of recycling, we have to fully understand what it is, and what type of recycling was in place prior to it.

Before single stream recycling there was source separation. In this form of recycling, people would have to make sure that all of their different recyclable materials were in different cans to be taken away. If the items were mixed together then they would not be recycled. While this made it easier for the recycling plants, it deterred people from recycling as it took too long and they didn’t feel it was worth their time. Having to separate plastic from glass from newspaper and other papers was too tedious and people just would end up throwing them all out in the trash instead.

As recycling plants began to notice that people did not have the energy or time to separate their waste, they had to take it into their own hands to find a way around that. This is how single stream recycling came into place. It has become an extremely productive structure that goes on every day without people even realizing it.

Single stream recycling is a system in which all different types of recyclable materials are picked up together (as they are all mixed) and separated at the recycling plant rather than in people’s homes or commercial buildings. With single stream recycling, there is a system in place that is built to filter out and separate all different types of materials, some being paper, corrugated paper, plastic, aluminum and tin cans, glass, etc. Because this machine can separate them, people therefore don’t have to.

Source separation used to be preferred because they didn’t have to pay for the machinery which is now used in single stream recycling. But while there is now the cost of the machinery, they are saving money in other ways. One way in which they are now saving money is because they don’t have to pay for multiple trucks to be sent out to pick up all of the different types of recyclable materials. Besides the cost of multiple different trucks, they are saving money on the drivers and labor wages. But more importantly than the cost of this, there have been major benefits and improvements in the rising number of people that are now recycling because it is more convenient for them.

What are some positives of single stream recycling?

* More people willing to recycle as they don’t have to separate all of their waste.
* Not as many cans sitting on the street as they are all now mixed together.
* A much smaller amount of waste ending up in landfills and incinerators as they are able to be recycled now.
* Because landfills are not filling up as quickly, they are not being built as frequently.
* More and more people starting to recycle because they are seeing how easy it is.
* Overall just more items being recycled!

As the years go on, people are finding more and more ways to separate all of these items using these machines. And with these increasingly advanced systems in place, such as the star system which separates all different types of paper, there has been a major breakthrough in recycling as more people now are doing it than ever before.

When you hire a waste removal company to help you with your trash removal, they will be able to get whatever needs to be recycled to the proper place. Helping slow the depletion of natural resources, recycling is of the utmost importance, and waste removal and waste management companies see this.

With, we are here to help you find the absolute best waste removal companies for you and your needs. We take the time to find companies that have the hardest workers, the lowest prices, and highest quality of customer service. We are here to help get you in touch with waste removal companies that are able to not only get your waste off of your hands, but ones that can get them to the recycling and even donation centers that are best for each exact material.

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